Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't die or just lie in the ground....

Maybe for the last time, but I'm out of jail, on the way to do nothing good I'm sure. LOL

On probation for 3 years in Kern County because I had my car sabotaged,  money stolen, all my belongings gone to sad sacks of shit who play for themselves.

It's going to get even worse for the badly played,. I"m going to relax for a week, then be bored, but know that I care about all of you. I've written these blogs: KVHD under FIRE, Your Government your problem: an owners manual, and The bipolar American, for all of us.

REad it or not, but I've had enough being the last to know, the first to see, the only one pointing out the flaws in all of this.

I forgive the creator of this horror called life, but I can't go along for the not so thrill ride.

You can at any time opt out and I suggest you should. If your driving a new car, sitting in a house, with heat or cool, then your a sell out. IF you think this helps protect your family, surprises await your perilous conditions.

I'm sorry, I only have what I have which is me? What is me? A love, a sensitive caring soul who would never hurt for the sake of hurting. I will die again and again, but if you don't notice it, what's the point. I've been dead before and you think it's the end?

Get ready to see the dead walk back into their jobs their homes, the hospitals, the nursing homes, they are here and ready for a repeat performance of the worst creation ever experienced.

If you n eed a picker upper, think of me, I'm always a friend to those with heart and soul. And my house is not a home, my home is near and I will welcome all who can handle the truth.

Let there be love and light days to come, right ways to go, and good folks to feel.

Love to all. Laura

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