Monday, March 10, 2014

What does an american expect when being put in Jail? A phone call. After 3 weeks, day of court, mississing my family, my court appointed attorney gave me that call.
You don't expect to get your rights. TAken a face full of mace, fire without the melting, but equally hot but not easy to get out.
Can't panhandle in Kern County as I was only asking for help.
Got trespassing, delaying an officer, and apparently a bag full of drugs in my pant pocket. that gets you a 10K bail.
There are people so harassed in there, and the torture was wonderful.
But I endured and plead out to these charges, but now I can't vote. I vote to stop the vote without all who have not enough money to really get legal help. Lots of women trying to get back to their children. Cages are not for bi polar americans, or dogs or cats and birds need to fly.
Stay safe as the side of law enforcement wants to keep their jobs.
Borrowing a pain pill from a neighbor can cost you $10,000 in bonds.
Heads up, and I'll be trying to get to my animals ASAP as no one knew where I was or what to do.
Americans, we are the TERRORISTS and they have our kids.
Ltoday, bail out the system, call them, keep this show of support started. AS I am predicting they will try to bring me in again too.
Aunt Laura

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