Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Squatters and vandals...


It's been a while since I felt my fingers on a key board. It's been even longer since I have had a computer that has not been stolen from me.

Update is that I am out of the car style living, now into my completely destroyed home, where my parrot SKy and I live in squalor.

The team of Macaws and effects have been a moto-roost for a couple months now. Sky nutted up at the end, she's lonely. She has such good drug detecting qualities she could be used at an airport and I'm sure they would give her a cut. lol

Walter, Dukeskywalter, will hopefully be in our stead tomorrow. Then the three amigos will head toward the coast as the house is up for sale and claims to insurance are in order. Our next step I'm hoping for some times with good people, a new computer, and a room in a comfortable, creativity inspiring home.

I"m sure whatever needs to happen will be next. In the mean time, I keep going, Sky is resting her weary mobile bird head, and I go get our Boxer buddy from the desert.

More as the team returns together looking for another home on the coast with friends.

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