Monday, September 1, 2014

The Pet Report: Walter and Sky

Walter, the Boxer and my service dog, best friend, has survived another round of cancer. He had a second tumor over his last one. It grew so fast I could hardly make an appointment before he had a baseball hanging off his side.

It has been part of our family healing process taking place. I say family, as Walter is my partner, my side kick--we argue, we sleep in the same bed, he has his own pillow. We are ruled though by the chief of the house: The Macaw.

Walt battles cancer, I battle poverty and--oh everything, lol, and Sky has laid two unfertilized eggs.

Amazing things have happened, she has apparently instructions of how to do this: tear up a bath towel and shredded peices spread around her nest which is her car carrying cage. Lay two eggs out the same port as shoots the poop.

Lay on the eggs in such a way they don't break. (I know I would roll over on them, I couldn't do it. Probably harder than it looks.)

Keep them warm and safe*

As the asterisk indicates, there is obviously a variety of things that could be considered unsafe in the world. lol In our neck of the woods that is a broad category.

Though Walter has proven for six years he is trustworthy, shows much restraint, enduring parrot abuse for years, but is now a trespasser in his own house.

Maternal macaw has taken over our lives.

Walt and I began playing our boxing game shortly after the surgery, and we were basically told to take our rough housing outside. SKy came out of the nest, wings spread, thinking Walt and I were really fighting.

Honestly I'm surprised we weren't taken by the ear and escorted from the room.

Though there's not much chance there will be chicks, it doesn't matter, as she has grown into a mama because of this experience.

She's disappointed, but I tell her what a great mother she is to all of us. Walter and I are very much part of this change. We hear her talking to the eggs. I even hear her using some of my stuff with the egg chat at night. "love you" just about brings tears to my eyes.

But we have gleaned some new productive changes: Pooping in the potty.

I noticed she does NOT poop in her nest. Interesting that she sees to it to crap all over my stuff, house and car, but not a stain in her house. ??? Not sure how to interpret this.

So, That is when I take her from her housewife existence to the bathroom where she drops her load.

She has control of this. Now I've proved it.

I told her, "now we can live anywhere, with anyone."

If she continues and I encourage this very helpful behavior, it will change her status to welcome visitor and not poop machine.

Costs were high to get Walter surgery, and with my money maker of an occupation, I'll be put in debtors prison soon, but he and every other animal deserve proper care and pain management.

There is still no vet insurance that makes a difference, I suggested : O'Paw ma care, and maybe at least a look the way of how tough it is to care for our animals friends. Jerry Brown saw fit to take away money from animal shelters and even discount euthenasia practices which are not humane or simply compassionate.

Walter, Sky and I will be back and up sooner than later. And because of their lessons and love, I roll out of bed and roll my blogs over any thing that would not appreciate the loving nature, healing friendship, of creatures such as my two partners for a better world.

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