Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's holding me down

I've already reported that Buzzkill Lightyear has a Woody for me, as each time I get that engine of fun purring, some improbable incident occurs....oh the police don't like my dancing and driving, or in the street.
My ideas, which clearly don't follow average form, are swatted, ignored or many times plagarized.
So, I'm tired of the struggle, so I think I'll now enjoy the struggle. Lol
I know there's weird in my wiring, but I will bring on the Laura, truth in advertising.
its a mess socially to make big, fast changes, but that's what I've done.
lonely, yeah, but for my own personal growth I learn from my grip on a reality that invites my input.
earnestly I begin the quest for a bi polar American collective creative output.
and if you don't hear from me here on the blog, I'm out recruiting for the future projects and people. .

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