Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Possible Probable and observable

oh yes, I have written some seriously outroundish or off the grid of what is acceptable.
I review my own posts and even gasp at the statements I make.
Part of this blog is to trace my own shifting paradigms and allowing for free flowing thoughts.
I've found some way to live in my world and that is to recognize the difficulty in cultivating a safe truth, observed but undefined.
Keeping my sanity organized is really easy, keeping the world control over truth is a miserable task.
so, when reading I offer you possibilities and probabilities based on my observations.
phew! What have I seen? Lol
Enjoy this blog which is intended to leap and bounce, but with only the truth as a launch pad.
I'm telling you there is an abundance to talk about.
We can laugh as I write out the last month.

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