Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Threatdown: bi-polar reactions to threats

She didn't remember doing it, but in the middle of a fight with her husband, she pulled off the leg of the table and hit him with it.
He had hit her, and maybe it was her face, but what he hit was the trigger of the bi-polar rush.

Not a good thing to threaten or attack somebody bi-polar as they will increase in physical strength within nanoseconds.

It won't matter how small the person, once these chemicals hit the fast track, turning on all the lights in the house, you are hardput to shut everything down.

What can we do when an explosion takes place inside our brains and bodies? First, we need to master the idea that we can't control the chemicals, but we can recognize what they are doing to us.

In some cases it's great to have this reaction, it could save your life.

On the other hand, you may find yourself doing things you didn't really want to do, and didn't quite plan your day for it.

Recently, I recieved a threat, which was allowed to stay on our local newspaper, The Kern Valley Sun, website which immediately pushed my buttons.

I allowed myself to write it out. Realizing that this was a legitimate complaint about the threat, when the Sun refused to pull it, rather they made new rules for their site, I took to writing.

It felt good to let out the vitriol and wait for the calm, which did come later that night.

I'm glad I didn't go over to the Sun's building and pull them out one by one, like out of a Pez dispenser.

After years and years of this sort of reaction, I've been able to reel in the reactions, and make them more focused.

Finding an outlet for rage and ruin, is really a life long pursuit. Some may have it already, but others have to think and plan for times when this world will trigger the massive chemical explosion of the bi-polar mind.

When I was young, I would hold couches above my head until my arms and chest were weak. Then I drop it and lay down on it.

Now, its a little easier, it is a matter of destimulation. Don't try to create more out of it than what it is: just find a way to rechannel that energy.

Bi-polar is a creative force, so harness it, and ride it, don't let it take you for the ride though...

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