Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to the new blog, it's going to be interesting, especially for those in health care

Hello, I'm Laura Hart, I'm bi-polar, with some concommitant OCD, and I've lived my life with the condition but in the last several years it has been a true learning experience.

Sometimes one's destiny is a license plate they pick up at the DMV. After a bad round of antibiotics which took out a cranial nerve, I was severely disabled, unable to walk or see.

My doctor wrote up a note to the DMV that I was permanently disabled, and some license plates were ordered for my car.

I opened them up and looked, kind of pissed really, that the numbers across were 5150.

A 5150 is a legal hold when someone is a danger to themselves or to others. I knew this because my mother, brother and sister, cousins, aunts, oh hell, the whole family had some form of it. And some of them were on a hold, or couldn't be held, or were mislabled and put in jail.

So, when I saw this I knew what it was and was planning on asking them to take them back and give me some other configuration.

I never did.

This blog is partly expression and communication but it is also an educational tool.

I have many stories to share, but I have other voices I want you to hear too.
And we, "The Order of the Bi-Polar Disorder," have plans on bringing to the healthcare providers and the government a whole new perspective on this type of condition.

There will be many types of writers, some may use offensive language, others may be eloquent. But we want the real stories, raw, from the soul, from the great life salvaging sarcastic sense of humor, to fill this blog.

Many are artists, musicians, the creative types so be prepared for quite a motley mixture to appear.

There will be video, pictures, artwork, to go with it.

So, here we go...

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