Monday, October 19, 2009

For crying out loud

I'm all scrambled eggs this morning as I have a huge decision to make based on new information regarding my investigation into my local public healthcare district.
I've known for a while, or actually just sensed it, but now have information to prove it, that my case is way beyond my reach. It will never be solved or rectified.
The mismanagement that grows in the dark, moldy areas seems to have seeded itself at the healthcare district.
But it goes up and beyond where I can reach. I think anyway. I could change my mind on that.
I guess I'm just tired of elected officials serving themselves and not the constituents.
There's no change which can occur without some sort of radical action.
For instance, the healthcare insurance reform business. This is not an altruistic cause, this is about changing money from one special interest group over to another.
Real change cannot exist in a capitalist society. We're doomed. We will not be the roman empire, and we will fall by the wayside as our bogged down government cannot keep up with the necessary changes.
And honestly, they really don't care.
If they did, then they would not be fooling around playing games with people's lives. They would take their responsibilities seriously.
I'm always amused how the US constitution is used to argue about so many issues, but in the long run, it really has little to offer modern society.
We need new blood, new ideas, cutting edge technology which can analyze the new America we need to create.
It makes me nauseous to see what is happening in Washout DC, as the President is leading an army of the ignorant, in a fake battle for change.
What a mess, for crying out loud.
Where would one citizen even begin to tackle the entrenched and power seeking political machine?
I don't know. I'm going to be thinking about it though.
You have to be a little crazy to get things done. I've got that down pat.

Anyone who would like to join me on this quest which is going to seemingly bring me down off this mountain and on up to Sacramento at some point.

I really am sick and tired of the mediocrity which is the political system who gutted its educational programs falling behind in the world. "Stupid Americans" could become a perspective about us.

Oh, hell, I don't know anything right now, I'll get back to you soon on this...Laura Hart

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