Friday, October 16, 2009

what is today?

I sometimes wonder where time goes and often forget what day it is. I think I'm busy and I don't really care, because once I wake up, kill some pain, I'm off to work.

Oh, "off" to work is meaningful. I grab my computer and a whole process begins in my mind.

As I always tell other writers, there's a story in everything, but just as much a story in nothing.

I wonder sometimes how people look at my blogs after I've been to a meeting. I'm sure they wonder what I'm going to say on the blog.

But they never know, because I never know until I think about it for a while.

And some people are scared of me, oh so sad, because there is nothing safe to say around me, I can make anything into a story.

I've been asked "where did you come up with that?" Why it's the muses, they talk to me.

They have so far not asked me to kill anyone so I think its pretty safe to speak with them.

Today, I have a list as long as my arm to get done, and I might accomplish some of it. Driving away from the house is part of the day. I wish I could drive my bed all over town.

With my pillows behind my head, a steering wheel pops up, and off I go. No need for air conditioning and I have blankets for heat.

But up here in this god forsaken valley, I'm sure the cops would pull me over.

"Do you have tags for this thing?"

"Yeah, it's on the end of the mattress don't pull it off."


"Anything else officer?"

"What is that under your blankets?"

"Oh, this, this is my bong. Want a hit?"

"Just get out of here and drive safely."

Yeah right...

Another day, actually a Friday, another round of whatever the universe has whipped up for me.

I'm so impressed so far, I just can't wait to see what's next. Maybe locusts in my bathroom, or rabid animals chasing me. It really could be anything, I don't count out any possibilities anymore.

When my life got this weird, I knew that it was "unpredictable" and there is no controlling it. So, I became weird and unpredictable too.

Now, I just don't care anymore, its the way it is and what will happen will just have to happen. Fuck it.

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