Thursday, October 15, 2009

The start of the end

Wow so this is it my start to wright something someone will take in and say to them self " hay this guy is fucking nuts. " Now we can have some fun, not your kind of fun... NO!!!! my kind of fun is the kind that will leave your ass dead with no head, and me playing kickball with it HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

No really I would just stab you in the gut and twist the blade, so I can hear you scream like a school girl! Oh shit sorry I got a little hungry, I get a bit insane when I don't eat. OK now that I had some food where was I .... well fuck I lost my train of thought..... Well you look nice did you do something new with your hair? No? well the glare from the window behind you must be it then. Don't look at me or I will have to smash your face in and drag your ass out the broken window I came in. Then the neighbors would hear me so I would have to kill them to...... Fuck I did it again? sorry I need more than a candy bar maybe a soda to. I'm sorry next blog Ill focus less on killing you and more on killing other people. This has been your friend and every ones : Sean Time

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