Monday, October 1, 2012

From Rabbit Hole Entertainment: Spin it and WIN it!

Spin it and WIN it!

We have spoken of \all these darn obSTicles, but what about the AL CHEMy, we don’t see?

I look for the tRUTH OF it, then the uncouth of it, then I REAL EYES, what is UP is Down.

There is LITtle in this life, Stuart, so you may EN JOY the ugly, and make it go away.

My friends, animaLS of some Repute, have reaped the REAl REWards card as they are recipients of My playful, loving charisMa, they get Happied up.

Then they Happily put the happy dust on me too.

Good Deal, out of a bad hand, of card sharks.

Take the Bite of a Shark’s tooth.

Last moment, cRUNCh time, Captain, is the time for you to GRAB hold. Let Go, let go, let go, Grab it Rabbit, it’s there in the HOLE as your pole, so dance on it.

In my hospital from hell scenario, NO Pain too large, as I was Enlarged in pain, LAST MOMENT: Thought of the pain of the whole world, children starving in pain hunger, tortured, the used, the raped, the pain of our collective souls.

It was in that moment I gave myself to this pain.

Experienced the Globe of pain. Angels held me that night, I don’t FORGET.

On a plane, a sudden outbreatk of HEAT so hot, that our tiny propeller plane in Vegas Or Phoenix, got suffocating, as I was Sandwiched, the middle seat, the WAVES of hot REACTIONs, then SUDDENLY: I was going to TAKE over the plane and kick in the DOOR.

LOL (Fucking crazy stuff)
LAST minute, Stop, Think OPPOSITE: ICE

It was sNOWING on my mountain of the WORLD, bringing True Relief to my HEAT stroke. Lol

Quickly, the Captain of the Baby plane, turned the AC on. WE all breathed a sigh, and I secreted away into my WINTER WONDERLAND.

Nobody, but you, knew any better what had happened. I DID. I learned, and earned my own control, I can and DO control.

Over the Atlantic,

Rocking in my seat, angry, Writing my thoughts, and my posture, READ by other passengers, made the PLANE fill with disAGREEABLe energy.

It was Intense, and I again, last minute, no drugs to RELY on, I got really focused and umm, NICE. I was pleasant, looked to help disturbed folks, and dis engage others too nosy.

I put jackets on old men, had some food service adventures, and made the better of it.

SPIN IT and WIN IT friends. Go Nice, and Do NOT let anything or any one, any REMARK Stop you. Lol

Laugh it off, drugs are QUESTIONABLe. Remedy me this?

You think you have No power, confused?


You are powerful, mucho, alotto, so rest in that for a while. The more the Panic, the more the attack, the MORE you ARE.

Wasting dirty tricks, dung dirt cheap, on the weak of heart, is a peasy -easy endeavor, so more is what the MORE get.

Spin it and WIN it.

Someone is awful, CheatS you, lies to you, what will you do?

Real eyes, knows that it’s THEM NOT you.

Trust Should be a MUST in our living Quarters. If you Cannot TRUST them, then TRUST your Self.

Best SELf.

The One Who is AFRAID, but Moves Forward anyway.

Courage is not loss of fear, it’s ACTING on your excellent Spirit in SPITE of the fear and confusion. Working it out, walking it off, laughing as it’s beyond you, you are ABOVE it all…

Food, Sex, vanity, all become WALLS, that a Rabbit Holo Cost survives by Baashing it down. Sledge Hammers, work best.

Survivors, Thrivers in a inhospitable environment. Sheriff Murphy, has law on the Slanted playing field, so It’ not your fault, line starts back in time.

But See the Sheriff, and Watch his Level control, which way the ball rolls, you ROLL with it. Murphy’s law, requires a Steady hand.

As a Friend in Truth spoke about, Viktor Frankl, the famed funny man of WWII concentration camps.

Humor, Crusts of BREAd, Bug soup, you had to BREak Free, and This Counselor the victim HIMself of a hellisher hell, counseled his friends, co mpanions.

Great Teacher, of TRiumPhing The Hideous with the Beauty, the Talent of the Real deal, YOU. Know who you are. And You are GIFTED.

Great Day to you Hats and Rabbits, the hole lot of you. lol

The hole in the Rabbit gang of Wallbangers. Laura Attlast

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