Monday, October 1, 2012

POSt TRip note 'eUrope 2012

Can I laugh a Lot and OUT loud, yes, now I can.

And if necessary the louder and more amused I seem to get.

BUT initially I have to endure what Could and Should be easy. I'm not a drug advocate, I tried that route, surgery too. some Radioactive material too. A handful of Ativan or Xanax for anyone on a 12 hour plane ride across the Atlantic, would be a Kind Gesture.

Lacking in TRust this PA pissed me off so I wrote down how pissed off I was about it, while in the throws of intensity, LIVE, on the scene report of my surge, and it's 0protector....

FROM Flight FROm EUrope back to STates, (Kind of pissed. Not too 'awake but startled nonetheless. LOL):

Up in the air:

What  would it be like 39K feet up above the ocean with an unsettled bi-polar american on your airplane?

When I got ready to leave for this trip, I unfortunately had the great displeasure of going back to the renowned PA from Wofford Heights, Carol Sharp. Oh, yes, I’ve discussed her before.

She’s the one who had me sign a contract  regarding pain killers and did not disclose that was what I was signing. I even went to the extent of asking her,  as her behavior was suspicious, if this was what she told me it was.

It was not.

I’m thinking fondly of her right now as we cruise over the Atlantic as I’m not so lucky on this side of the trip, as I slept the whole 10 hour flight to London five weeks ago. I also got some drugs to put me out, as Miss not so sharp decided not to supply this bi-polar american with anti-anxiety medications.

Yes, she was uncomfortable and I was not in a mood to argue. Why was she uncomfortable? Because she’s an idiot. Yes.

But that’s not all of it. She has no idea that the decisions she makes leave people in a lurch or well off depending upon what she does.

Our effect on the world is important to realize and make not of. I try very hard to learn as much from experience as possible. Obviously, she does not.

She’s also one of the religious types, she needs structure. I have some fucking structure for this bitch when I return.

Okay, fair enough, I should give her a chance and just suggest to her that she consider that this bi-polar managed to not do anything too bad…a few cuss words, a few moments of despair- and it all could’ve been avoided had she listened to me and did not think she knew more about my needs that I do.

It’s so fucking arrogant and ridiculous.

Would she take responsibility if a bi-polar, not me, but someone who had not control, went off on a 10 hour flight? Fuck no.

That is why it is so important to understand the condition.

I’ll be Carol’s sharpner and help her out. How might I do this?
Well, I could get over my resistance to the fact that she had no circumspection when she disagreed that I might need some fucking pharmaceuticals for the trip.

I’m working diligently to try and define the problem I am having when these fucking idiots cannot even attempt to understand the workings of a true blue bi-polar.

The anger is great at this moment, I imagine my body language is reflective of this situation which puts me in danger on board this plane. This is directly related to Miss Sharp and her lack of understanding.

Does she have faith? No, she has religion. I’ve seen it all before. She is afraid and in her dealings with patients this is reflected.

I have a survey to do of the valley as to it’s healthcare district. I plan on having some people make some calls, and get a good cross representation. But the reason I won’t do it is that the people being asked would pick up my own attitude and that is not what I want.

I want results that are unadulterated so I’ll formulate a plan to make that happen.

And for the hell of it, at the same time I plan on asking some questions about the physicians and PA’s in the valley as well.

Opening ourselves up to criticism, feedback, we open ourselves up to change. Sharp is short on the change. She needs a wake up call as do many others around the town.

I plan on being the alarm that will go off until they get the message and arise from their slumber.

Once again, the bipolar american on a mission. Non-violent, but nonetheless dramatic.

Have a great day and make sure to wake up those not so in touch with the nature of our shared reality. Bark, bite, run amok, whatever is necessary to get these people out of their destructive behavior. (funny coming from someone so…umm, volatile. LOL

Foot Note...(metric version) I used the power of Good Will to tame my admirers or lack thereof on the airplane. It would have been nice to sleep, but then I would never had known. No coiinncidences.

Goodnight from the Rabbit hole in the wall gang. LAura Attlast...

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