Sunday, September 30, 2012

AMazing GRace like me a Wretch...

I was once lost now I"m FOUND was BLIND but NOW IS EEEEEEE....On a high Note there.

Please humm the refrain and Battle Hymn of the REpublic of Free the People or be the creeple we seek to INFLUENCE beyond a SHADOW of a BOXING Doubt, the ride isn't FREE EE TICK IT, my fRIENDS or FOE WoE unto Them.

DE sighed the lazy pride of LIONS in a DEN POf theivery and creepy shit dudes, NO way to Jose who takes the ROAD that ends the BRoken TOKEN of a life of a SLAVE keeper, creeper.

It's not exACTly a NOR mal condition is it? This LIFE? in Hell?


No, it's horRID aBLE and my only LONE ly WoLF has HUNGER pains in the nECK and MAN A
So, it's Goes that I blindly, FAITH of a KIND, that WINDS down with a HOST of Pointers for my COMpanIONs.

WATCH THE EMAILS, they contain NOT ONLY viral CODEs, but other such CHarms of a pendant, not that of the ELOQUENT.

YOUR HEALTH a wealTH of INFORMAtion. Bad Health TELLS you about GOOD health, and Verse teh VIces, and you have a new health. EAsy to BAKE instructions.

NOT  A SING LE EVENT IS not RELATEd on your FAMILY TREE. CLIMB aboard, as the BRancHES are sTRONG and WILL hold Your WEight.

Find YOUR SITE for TRUTH, LEt it LIGHT the WAY. GRAB for the LIGHT and TRUTH, only a GENUINE soul can DO IT TRUE IT.


Must DFO and MUst WIN, to Finish FIRST, and YOU CAN if you can. I'm SERVING a DESSERT cart it off, and I am WAITING TO EXHALE.

You do YOUR THING and I"ll DO MINe...LOL

Great DAys inddeeed, most PECULIAR Mama, ROLL.

Your FRIEND a WO-MAnchurian, of a DIAMOND, witha SETTING OF GOLD. Or at least I'm brain WAshed into thinking, So I stop, and ACtion's Loud CLAMOR is my HAMMER. Laura ATTLAST

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