Sunday, September 16, 2012

My writing day in the HELLish pit of the KRV


Too much hidden in a realm that has hoodwinked us all. I’m not sure of anything, intentionally so. If I grab onto to something, it seems to be a road to nowhere.

My friends, they are unable, unwilling, and happy enough in many ways to simply  ignore the ideas I put before them. More so, they fear what they begin to acknowledge, and believe it to overpower their own resources. Don’t believe that crap!

Not that I am glad and elated to set before them, a seeming ruse, a cruel hoax of a lifelong proportion. However, this is what I see, and if there was a Threat, then I would expect someone to tell me.

It does not work the other way around.

The ability or lack thereof, that I have to make it in this horrifying matrix, this disgusting setting, an environment of evil, seems to be a struggle against the wind.

Maybe it’s me, it could be that I simply refuse to play this game. It could be I have no powers to speak of, and know in my heart I may as well just accept it.

I do learn, some improvement, but then something happened to me. No one else seems to really get it. I don’t even really have a handle on this broom either. But I know witch way to go.

BUT I kNOW, I sense with my best heart, my ultimate core, that I AM here for a REASOn, or more so, my life has purpose. This purpose is not the same of others. We all share our range of talents so strong it scares lesser creatures.

I’ve been given the task of getting myself clear enough to wield my power. This power RECOGNIZES that I TOO can CREATE in an environment built around CONTROL.

Creativity and Imagination, both TOOLS, and so revered by the likes of ALBERT EINSTEIN. You got to appreciate the bread crumbs as others have stolen it all, his life recognized AMAZING truth. He was not for great spirits sitting in HELL’s lecture hall and taking notes on our crappy, lives.

He told us all, to think.

Maybe, I sense, he was helping us break free.

They call people who FOLLOW, easily susceptible to SUBTLE SUGGESTIon, Hypnosis, without a QUESTION or an opinion, are SHEEPLE. It’s tough, but it’s a reality your not taught is here for their own entertainment.

These Sheeple have been taught and frightened into this herd like behavior. They are victims of victims of victims. No one who has allowed themselves to stay asleep to such a degree that they are unaffected by the conditions around them.

Much to the TROUBLE of those in every day settings, the CHANGE of energy, or some sort of FIGHT, a SHADOW, a voice, a snaky son of a bitch messing with my friend’s stuff. I had some words with the sneaky shits when they took, got yelled at, and QUICKLY returned my ID last week. NOT COOL to irritate someone so patient, and able to weigh these different factors before KNOCKING the pins for my first strike.

Sorry, Scooter runs this show, and I simply feel honored and have FAITH, and SERVE as a team member. Wow, simply unreal shit has taken place. And my blogs are pissing a number of folks off. THEy are feeling the ALTERation in the environment as something there way comes, and I’m not going to CARE if they are taking each other out in a fearful addictive frenzy. Sadly, they are, but yet, this clears my path into the FOREST.

Sheeple, are easily swayed by HOLLYWOULD, and did foist up a message, a flag, of low ideas.

Men, ARE THE FAVORED of two sexes. Sheeple accept these naïve assumptions of man and woman, or more or less, gay and straight without question. They judge but don’t discern. BAAA, black sheeps. lol

They can kill women and get away with it. Or they can defuse their power keg of energy too. Men, unwittingly, have grasped a loose stone on their climb up the mountain we ALL must endure.

I worry about men. They are addicted to their role. They are easily controlled by sex. They are used for war. They are used to pillage.

Funny, women, in contrast, are understanding they have been suffering, and used as a victim of all victims: her name was EVE. Enter this Maneater, this GOD disobeying cunt of the Garden of Eden.

Eve gave Atom, or Adam, an apple and is the cause of this horrible world. She is being punished, she is chattel, she is a snake who connives men with only a piece of fruit, an apple.

She’s one bad ass bitch. She’s the one who opened her friend, her other half, and showed him that ATOM and EVE are ONE. They are nothing more than a pair, a set of shoes whose twin is now a NIKE or a converse, but not who they ORIGINALLY were and Still ARE.

For this deed, because she loved Atom, she opened his TRUE Eyes. This was NOT the bad thing you will have learned in Sunday School, or from urban legend. This is a EYE poker, and a REAL separation of our choices and actions, as Sheeple, prefer wool over the eyes.

This is a way of punishing the strong. There is NO man or Woman. There is however, a division. It was not EVE, as EVE only sought to remedy the situation of what some sheeple call DUALITY.

Eve and Atom look for each other in this conjured realm of slavery, and more so depravity.

WE NEED TO SEE. Eat your apple, and it will keep the doctor away. The doctors were mislead in that they were probably initially  hoping to HELP the human condition, why it seems so fragile.

Eve got some real shackles put on for her efforts. She was the SINNER and the SERPENT was the snaky bastard who was so powerful that he conned Eve into this ACT of REBELLION.

My Boxer, Walter, is the BOXER REBELLION. We both REBEl, because we know this is a story that does NOT make sense to an open mind.

The Sheeple, they graze, they feel lost, they want someone to tell them what to do. They also are angry and want to take this fear and anger out on some JUST cause.

Okay, well, they cannot fully be blamed. They have been lied and deceived. There were Thousands of books, written to help carry the truth to those Asleep in front of SIRENS who sang the sleep song that put them out chin to chest, drool leaking over the lips.

These Sirens, or just awful creepy forces are known as the CREEPLE.

They are the one’s who want to rule this hell hole. Who want to rule you and me. They are the one’s who are lied to that they would kill their own brother, their own family. Not a big fan of creeple. Though I hear they are quite a large group. Sadly so.

Again, they are responsible and then so are SHEEPLE. These two segments, are the demographic, I see as the challenge.

Atom and Eve, need to reunite. They need to FIND the real SOURCE of their existence. And here’s my message: THEY NEED TO BRING THEMSELVES TOGETHER AS ONE powerhouse that SPEAKS UP.

Atom and EVE are INSIDE our hearts. They are there. They may NOT be a  man and woman, but rather, can be ANYTHING or anyone the LIBERATOR, deems necessary.

The liberator, does that sound interesting? Does it possibly resonate to some of you out there that you have been trapped, duped and dumped to keep you from potentially FEEDING APPLES to ALL who currently SLEEP?


Is it possible that we have EVE to thank for our very REAL for many, trip to a BIG Heavenly hug?

Could your heart possibly let go and LET the Love of a True CREATOR REASSURE you of your true worth?

CAN YOU, please do BTW, Feel the TRUTH Is a FRIEND?

The truth and I can tell you for certain, has been hit with some real crappola and those who wield it, prefer it, answer to it, still recognize it. They have SUFFERED THE WORST TORMENTS.

BECAUSE even being only half of what you are, in the GENUINE you, it is still a pleasure to know WE CAN STILL HEAL.

Yes, you are told you are nothing BECAUSE, hang on to the slippery fish of reality for a moment, BUT I TRULY BELIEVE we ARE MORE.

And I TRULY believe the creator who would carve up such gentle, powerful, intelligent, and dam dynamic immortal souls, REALLY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND it will be TREATED WITH IT’s Own medicine. This creator will RULE THIS WORLD, but there will not BE victims.

Whoever stays here, will either CHOOSE to stay, or will be UNABLE to snap out of the ruse. These will be RICH people, people ADDICTED. These people simply fill the VOID, the FEAR it can be called, with the EARTHLY pay off.

They say “YOU CAN’t TAKE IT WITH you.” That is very true. But what and where are you taking your things? LOL

Another fine question I want to address as I begin to fully recognize the sad sack of a “Thing” (no name for COWARDS) which created a sad world of control and torture.

You die. Right?

Question for us all, in light of the fact I keep  meeting people who have had these so called “near Death” experiences.

Jesus died for your sins, or could it be, and I don’t know exactly, could it be that JESUS showed us ALL we could GET FREE?

FREEPLE are not AFRAID OF DEATH as they know that it is a WAY to CONTROL.

Oh, yeah, if you can hear me now: DON”T DIE.

It will feel like you should. Hells bells, I thought it would be Soft and Quiet and all things bad would be gone. Sorry, to break it to you, but that DOES not APPEAR to be the case. I began to follow these SWEET VOICES. They were a real song for someone who has felt that death MUST be the answer, because life has nothing but a game of hurt and try not to hurt others as trapped is the next weapon.

DEATH is the root of all our fear. WE DON”T want to leave our loved ones. WE really don’t ever leave and die and NOT REGRET IT. WE REGRET DEATH ONLy if we are lucky enough to Wake the hell up at some point.

But in life, we see it, feel it. Our loved ones dying on us and there is nothing we can do.

WE RELY on DOCTORS, in fact, we are COMPELLED to GO to a DOCTOR WHETHER WE like it or not. WE cannot take a person home and PRAY TO the COMPASSIONATE TRUTH which is our light.

Doctors and control, and taking our bodies as if WE Know NOTHING.

LOL, umm, we don’t really KNOW much on the surface DO WE? This condition is to GET you down to your doctor, submit to his SUPERIOR knowledge and possibly begin your regimen of DRUGS.

You are not ALLOWED to know who you are, where you are from, what powers to heal you have, what are your thoughts, and WHAT ARE IMPOSED upon you.

Doctors, have been trained to be superior over your body. They are answering questions, providing advice, YET, they are not SERVING the TRUTH, or they would KNOW, healing is EQUALITY. It is empowerment. It is understanding the whole playing field.

Does your DOCTOR have what it TAKES TO HEAL you and Heal HIM/her SELF?

If the answer is no, and you are ready to avoid victimization, then you will REMEMBER, who is the real healer, YOU and your TRUTH.

You are powerful, that is my message. It’s not the total message, but this is where we all start. Last year, I was on a whole SLEW of horribly strange medications. And ODDLY depending where I got these prescriptions FILLED and who the MANUFACTURER was, also REALLy changed the REACTIOn.

I DON’T KNOW WHY but MESA CLINICAL Pharmacy, after the threat of CLOSURE, began using new generic drugs. Where and what they are would have required the customers to have them tested by a professional.

They are stamped with the same numbers.

But I could feel a difference, as I had the SAME darn drugs from other pharmacies to compare them to.

So, NO, I do NOT have proof of what these drugs are, but I brought my sense of “something wrong” to the attention of the hospital.

I was Immediately Dismissed as someone not credible for even SUGGESTING that this was POSSIBLE.
I asked. Others have shared their own concerns.

There are DRUGS in pharmacies, hospitals, on the streets, in your Grandparent’s drug cabinet, that Are NOT what you may think.

This is the tip of the ICE BERG, so If you plan on Sailing the TITANIC, please be aware there are obstacles trying to control the genuine threat of those like YOU, with wonderful, talents.

If you can hear me, clearly I think YOU ARE MORE! I am here to SERVE. I do not know it all, YET anyway, but I work, I SERVE daily, the best I can to overcome this SHITTY environment. (Shitty, meaning, another way to control, there are many around us, count on it. It takes a lot to keep a SPIRIT of TRUE CREATIVE power down. More later)

So, to keep to the best points of TRUTH, There are many moves you can make to move away from simply STANDING BY or SLEEPING thru, the big OPENING, The Grand FLAG that wants FREEPLE. And has waited, to see who is WILLING and ABLE, and to open to the GIFT. Yeah, it may not BE CHRISTMAS, or A shopping SPREE, it’s BETTER than a sWEATER In the cold weather.

I’ll say no more as You and I all have to Deal with REMOVAL of CONTROL and Replace it with SPOKEN or actions of TRUTH. AND let me say from my vantage point, HOLY SHIt, it’s hard to do. I know, therefore, I will be more understanding. I will be know YOUR HEART. It’s kind of a odd thing about me. I just seem to KNOW, FEEL At times, and even SEE, those who are USED by lower energies.

See GET HIGH, you are Reaching to the STARS of which I FEEL WITH CERTAINTy, there are some here who simply need a PUSH or pull or even a SHOve, perhaps FIRE to burn away UNTRUTH? Whatever, it is, we are TOGETHER.

I’m only equal, I seem to be here to only show you how GREAT you are. DO NOT think you have less than I. I’m SURE, you have MORE THAN I DO.

I don’t have all your answers, I have some questions you can ASK the TRUE POWER of the UNIVERSE, And it is there. It is also in you, I feel we are born or HuMAN qualities, are a CREATION to be DESIRED by those who Do not have it themselves.

Again, I do my best to represent the truth. I CALL THE TRUTH TO ME, I ASK FOR IT’s help. YOU WILL BE IN NEED TOO. It isn’t there for the greedy, the body which is a clone of once was, or a even that which prefers to continue the SAME FALSE LIFE. I really think they will feel the KARMA, the Same way they have stepped on others misfortune, so they will FEEL THE SAME.

BUT HAVE FAITH, there is a power strong which WANTs you to See the REAL you. It Ain’t Uncle Sam, it’s something, I can FEEL has CERTAIN CONTAInmentS FOR THOSE WHO choose to create, participate in this HELL.

Today, begin to call the TRUTH to you. Do not be afraid, as it will INFORM you of Where the CONTROL which causes such frustration in good people.

The Science of conning. CONSCIENCE. You have done something to someone or a bug or some thing which is also TRAPPED here. COUNT on it.

So, you are about to learn that the TRUTH has a heart and understands. But it will NEED YOU To CHOOSE.

I wake up each day and hope to SERVE this WORLD, in a WAY That changes us all from sleeping participants in the SURVIVAL, be AFRAID, GAME, and INTO THE this isWHAT REALLY HAPPENED to me. AND you will be angry feeling the Truth.

Have FAITH, and DO not ACT on that ANGER if you can, I’ve noted it is much easier, and less likely to do my own SECURE, lOVING, NATURE, a bunch of DOUBT, to FORGIVE.

In FACT, I thank those in the realm of this whatever I’ll name it, as it isn’t really much of a thing, EXCEPT if YOU CHOOSE to ignore the TRUTH And ACT or NOT ACT on your HIGHER purpose.
Victims, even the puppet master of all this CRUELTY is a Victim.

BREAK THE CYCLE. Tell your best friend EVERYTHING you may NOT WANT the world to know as you know it really isn’t you, but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Sucks, sorry, we ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE and NOW each moment, each word, each action, or inaction COUNTS.

I for one, CANNOT accept when People tell me, from their lips who I KNOW wish it, they TELL ME “You have to accept, you CANNOT CHANGE the world.”

I do accept that they are so overwhelmed that they DO NOT realize I will NEVER, ever stop. AND on their BeHalf, and yours, I call you to WAKE THE HELL up out of this nonsense and DO IT TO IT.

No, occupy, not so much. Let LOVE and BLIND FAITH occupy you from this moment on. It AIN’t going to be easy. But it’s Who you ARE. And I Know there are WAYS to BRING this powerful creature, to her ATOM and her EVE, my I leave you, to your task.

For anyone who believes that there isn’t something STRONGER than simple immorality, than I will say, you NEED to keep going. You are not in the RABBIT hole, you are in a Hole that was dug for you, to keep you.

I want you to BE YOU and I will be ME. But YOU MUST BE PREPARED to SEE THE WHOLE WORLD BEGIN TO GET VERY ODD, you have not been TAUGHT to REBEL.

But I lovingly will show you FOR FREE, and in whatever fashion will serve you, what I know works and WHAT TRICKS are used by those who CLING to this terrorist environment.

Hang on, I’ll be here, read, weep, be angry, but BE YOURSELF. YOU ARE MORE. YOU ARE GREAT. YOU ARE GOING TO HELP GET yourself FREE. CHOOSE IT or lose it. SIMPLE, the truth is that.

THAnk you all who have unfortunately died. I’m here to talk to you too. My Grandparents, why they visited me at KVHD when I was given I don’t exactly just that major chest pains, and a cold Body, RESULTED after a CERTAIN Nurse Was ordered to give me A DRUG BUT without my  knowledge.

THANK YOU KVHD, I saw my grandparents who came to my bedside, as I think they may have thought, as I did as I screamed in fear of Death, but Knew in my heart Jesus and others, many others had been where I was at. I did not leave, and DO NOT plan on it.

SO, TRUTH, Don’t die, it is eternal.

From Someone doing her best to represent TRUTH and COMpASSIOn without being too dam snarked. Or too verbose.

Like now. Lol

I am so fucking contained, and yet, I WANT MORE OF THEIR poison. I guess I have to go to them Wherever we go, whatever we do, we always do it together.

WAKING UP YET? WRITE TO ME, I’m here to serve you. It is my pleasure. Thank you. Now hang the hell on and let’s begin to get rid of what is NOT TRUTH. Got it? You will I personally just want it to be easy for you. But GREAT powerful beings never like it easy. Forgive me, forgive you, forgive them. But I don’t forget, unless something messes with my mind.


REMEMBER this blog, even If it is longer than I want. It’s only because I’m ready, to go to bat and find those hearts so hurt, but yet so ready to KICK ass. Just CLEAR yourself, as the ass kicking machine is simply truth. You ARE carrying lies that MUST go to avoid the pain of it all. Do it, YOU CAN, and you are the responsible one. SPEAK ALL TRUTH. I say this with the most ALARMing of CLOCKS. No snooze, but also, no naps. AWAKE and HIGH on yourself will make you a GIFT for me. AND THEN I”LL WrAP it up, as best I’m suited. I’m not afraid of EVIL, I’m afraid there are those who ARE HAVING TROUBLE WAKING up.

I may not have the answer for you, but I know what it isn’t right now. It IS not A SAFE place to DO things in the name of SURVIVAL or POLITEness, or to ARGUE about the UPSIDE down nature of the universe you have discovered, their Explorers.

One simple Truth. The Truth is NOT for everyone. It’s for those WHO CAN and CHOOSE to leave this EVIL or naughty or whatever FORCE behind. It’s doable, but friend it hurts. FAITH will help you learn you CAN heal.

FAITH, please bear with me, it’s yours for the taking. It takes some serious HOPE for something BETTER. But it has a ROAD for you to TRAVEL.

Question: Which ROAD DO YOU CHOOSE?

Good to know those who choose to be who and what you are. Kind and Brave. Yes, this is not your AVERAGE Reckoning, the MEEK, the Animals, the DEAD, the bugs, all of it, are the ONE’s I know will have Thumping hearts in anticipation.

Love and humor, also excellent tools. But Love is not EXSTATIC feelings from your body. It feels good. However, my humble experience of PRAYING for TRUE LOVE, has shown me it is not about me. IN FACT, I get something just for recognizing that I LOVE OTHERS and EXPECT nothing in RETURN.

Wow, there is hardly a CREATURE that does not want something from you. Your money, your wife/husband, your refusal to play this hate filled game of life. It’s getting interesting, and REST ASSURED those with a conscience and hope, that the FOOD CHAIN of ADDICTION TO HELL’s offerings, THEY Will sadly be eating each other.

YOU ARE FREE TO ACKNOWLEDGE, here and NOW, that you are NOT going to be immoral to fit in. Not only that, but this may be tough for some, but YOU ARE UNWILLING to live in such a state. AND YOU ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR THIS FREEDOM.

Question, I would love to know, ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE, TAKE A QUICK PEEK, and come back and REBEL?

ARE you willing to do as SOCRATES DID AND Voluntarily with certainty, CHOose the DEAth of body rather I think is written in some books that still have truth’s message, that your spirit is one they cannot take. DEAth or Sex or FOOD, or BREATHIng, Screw it, you are willing to FOLLOW the path of those who WISH your Knowledge returned to you in full.

So, I am saying something BiGGER than you ARE ALLOWED, to imagine.

Remember, Albert Einstein, he wants you to imagine NOT get caught in the Programming of this well.

Genius minds, are hooked into truth. They imagine what is missing from the picture. Such as the FREEDOM to CREATE something other than LOW ball energy, which shows no mercy, no imagination of something Bigger and Better.

The Snarky forces, are simply the minions, the followers, of the Puppet Master,, who continues to HIDE behind these easily FOOLED beings. They are good at certain tasks, like humiliating, stealing objects you need, moving objects, and a BIG ONE, MEMORY distortion.

Alzheimers, why that is the biggest crock of slow cooking up a REASON for memory loss. Not that I remember much, but I have black outs, and then I know was HAD by a low life, underling of a race so distraught it has begun to believe it's own propoganda.

Your FRIEND who remembers us all, and feels a homeland, more secure than this land of listless creativity and impolite fuckheads. THere you go assholes, I'm heading home follow our lead and I'll give you a ride you won't forget. lol Laura Hart

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