Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keep eyes on the prize...

I can’t win every battle but focus to win the war. Keeping your eyes on the prize.

There are weeks and endless nights, of searching, and squaring off with nasty, naughty new realities. All of which are being put in place, a pattern, a new way to think.

The info is so dam confusing, used to distribute crap, but then, the truth is loose.

It is so painful, ouch, Sorry, it’s a cry for understanding, not help per say. Helping ourselves understand that there is a broader picture, and a truer picture than has thus been identified is only a stepping stone.

Sorry don’t throw stones, but our glass houses will not keep out a big storm. It is bigger than I can convey. But it’s changing every time, and time is changed and the environment shifts.

It’s not simply you…lol

Have a creative day, do something good for you, such as be present and accounted for in this place for a respite. And be mindful of a type of communication which is available it produced a record to read. Truth.

Follow your trail of breadcrumbs. Be mindful there are many rabbit holes and so many who tumble, rocked to the core, but still, falling away from the old concepts so unable to explain the current shifts in the foundation of our existence.

In other words, HOLY SHIT,  it’s a Tumble, a ride, down this hole, but a whole is better than it’s Some parts. Lol

Message, that I deliver the best truth, but all is timely, and I am timing my shots to hit the targets which present themselves.

More to follow, as the rabbit hole has been hopping. LOL

Your friend in Truth and compassion, Laura Hart

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