Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I think I know, right now anyway...

The title of this post amuses me, as I wonder of how to speak the truth without causing a riot, crying or channeling. lol

It's a matter of fact now that we live in an ugly world. We are in fact not free in any way.

The playing field is stacked against anyone interested in fair play, truth, honesty, those things that make a world good and worthy.

This is NOT A good or worthy world. 

It's so not worthy, that I assure you That God did not create it nor Does Scooter approve of any of this.

Who uses live dogs and cats to FISH FOR SHARKS? I don't know, but I would like to find out. BUT there is much I seek and I will find, and I will show it for what it is. 

Right now, we are seeking to truly change this. lol

But it's going to take a bit of cooperation from those who hold these ideals in a real way as the only ones that are worth the struggle.

We are all in this together.

There are those who do not realize they are still attempting to FIT in to a grossly overrated environment. The cream rises to the top they say, but the scum covers the whole pond, killing all. This is a tactical issue. lol

Issues of an immediate nature are those related to JUDGEMENT. Judge and you will be judging yourself. Discern, and be MINDFULL, but judging will lead to entanglement.

As we learn how low those can go, we learn we must stay out of the arena or we will be boxing with shadows.

Those who are Still entranced, sleeping, need to be nudged with some truth. WE are Indoctrinated into this world with horrible ideas such as DEATH< Suffering, CRUELTY, inequality,
MEn dominating and holding as if it's truth, icky stuff, it's not pretty. WE are told from the beginning to GET in line and if told, then jump, and we are not supposed to think about things too much.

There are those who cannot tell the difference between the forces of FUCKuppEDNESS, lol, and the force which is here to bring light on this shadowy situation.

Please take care, as I do this daily, I improve my clarity by allowing myself to see and feel truth, accept what I do not approve of, and REJECT the detours of the smoke screen of deception. Speak up! It's your duty, and the penalty is something of a long afterlife. lol

It's time for a change...and We can and will change this. But it's time to find out who  is with and who is still clinging to outdated paradigms, such as "this is me" (refering to the body) "I think..such adn such" (attributing thoughts to ourselves and not accounting for any outside influences) or "it's a dog or cat or bug" (LOWERING the equality meter) or "They are dead now" (assumption the dead are resting comfortably in some way and no longer here, forgive the inexact nature of those references).

Waking the sleepy heads, is the name of this game. Now, get on it, and if you find it's you, well , then you know what to do.

There is a bETTER world. I  feel it. I can't say anymore than that, without a foot to mouth, but I think most should feel assured too.

More truth, and more banter...Your friend in TRUTH, Laura Hart

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