Monday, September 3, 2012

Unethical or Ethos Light...?

Experimentation on HUMans is more an dm ore Openly common these days, that we even have a history of some of the Wors t, most in-humane types of Trials we put ourselves, our kind, our kin and our co-inhabitants, animals through in the name of something better.

WE are Sick, really, sick. And those experiments are Reflective of our own horrific natures. So, with that Good  news out there, it's no Surprise to find a Society full of Child rapers, horror inflicting sadists, Suffer-holics, running our structural Environment.

The Poor SUFFEr as the newesst LAb rats, TEST SUBJECTS, submitting to every other whim of the Slippery slope the Denizens of Medi-SIN, INFLICT with out much flack from the community taking it on the back.

India, ask someone iN India, who do you know who is a CLINICAL trial PARTICIPANT?

Try anyone, giving blood is an old game. NOW it's taking some drug or Facing some NEw use for an old remedy, or being th e CHANGE in exchange for "loose change" to the "Billionerrs" of the Industries making HUmans into LAB Test pawns.

A few bags of rice for a hungry family versus taking a DRUG without supervision, or any sort of ComPassion.  Get in a line and a line. And if you are a PAtient of MEDI-SIn you are Also a Subject in testing the LIMITS of your REsolve.

These are YOUR living conditions. THe likes of which we are watching, CREDITING with treating disease, this is name HARVARD, YALE, STANFORD, JOHN HOPKINS, and all centers of Learning in this modern world.

STandFord Animals, TEsting

THE great minds are working on a way to TEST your limits. THey have been given CREdit where it is not due, them, as they are usinG, an ABUSE of power. Sick, and you call him or her, YOUR own Doctor. 

Psychology, Today is a Crash course in persuasion, a CRASH TEST DUMMY, is needed for every theory is at a cosst.

I would rather NOT know, some people of AVOIdance in all things, school of Thought, Believe there is an Escape of a route thru memory impairment, Responsibility evasion, but a Cruise control, a Soft Way to serve up TRUTH: Your freedom is a DREAM.

But your DREAMS ARE a FREEDOM ...Dream on...

Who you are and ARe not...

Identity THeft is far more absurd than you may even think or have the Wider implication of where it is taken. We are A Potentially Overwhelmed in body and mind.

My name is Laura Hart and that means, what exactly? Your name, your house, your car, or not? lol 

If There was TElepathy Then would VErizon fold up? LOL

Ma Bell, would not Be really necessary. But what is TELEPATHY exactly? Can I tell you something With OUT my BLOG?

Can I seem to call to someone without VOlume or transcribing or some other form of Transmission?

If I could do this and YOU do not know I"m doing this, Could it Be that I could PotentiallY SUGGEST to you many IDEAs, you may think your Own?

THE gift of persuasion and the TEsting of HUMan REsponse plus TIME travel, and a sprinkling of Immorality, would make this a SHIFTING, A Bi-polar playground. A SADLY" pervserse playing field. One Sided, CHeats, liars, scrubs, in charge.

And so IT is.

Monsters, these are TRuly just that.

here's a few HUMAN exploITation projects, or FUCKING SICK SCAMS depends on your DISGUSt for such.

I do NOT AGREE to BE or Participate, JUStify, even Look the other way, as this Has allowed for a ROBBERy on a Dimensional level. A complete overtake, secret Absconding, Raw Deal, that has to Squeal as it tires of the Road So TRAVELED upon. LOL

Done with this deal, it's a EthiCAl and MORe all, Prison. A Fenced yard.  A Tank, and a Foreign Object-ion, and it must End.

More TRUTH with the Capital Crowd of CaliforniavilleVistamesaLand, USA. Next week...Laura Hart

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  1. Very damn cool. Turns out the windmills really were soldiers . . .