Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'"SElf Check and examination, rabbit hologram...

EAch time it appears to me, that I have been in some DIrty Laundry, it's stains, show, and some are slow to be seen. So, I cheX the cereal to make sure I am still on the PRIZe portion of the boxx.

It is with wonder, that I Was DisCovered and less than covert as The Trail of the Matter at hand, and the hand that rocks this CRadle, is still the only sight for my sore eyes.

Wise, is the owl who says "Who?"

What and who and why and the guise no surprise as we are less an d less inclined to mind the Outward journals.

But I ask myself, what outer LIMITS have I set in place? What are the CoZ ways I walk with a Jolly old Soul?

What in the world, has been the world we knew? Now the new is known to be a land of deceipt, memories of memories upon memories, and more, a trail, a false sense, a folklore, what is the Clue to the Game, which has been my lost token?

I must say, I muster a look around, and I find there is lack of furniture in my rabbit hole, and so I go along to find the comforts of home on the strange, where the deer and antelope have eloped, and now I am calling in an order...lol

Look around your own town, your place, your mirrors in others, faces, and find a lot to F"ocuS your new REFLECTIVE devices...lol And so on...ON and ON it goes, and SO do I.

Your friend in 'truth and Light, Laura

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