Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Murphy: Brown Nosing

Karma: Murphy's laws continued.....

The times are tough to keep the balances, as our Karma calls, and we need to HEED this call.

As the change, yes, we are all in "Man" o- pause, sweeps us up it's important to recognize this is the UltimatE in Control. Karma.

Caution: The truth does hurt

So, Chameleons, you are about to see the true colors of each other.

Freud will cause you to slip the truth, leak it's contents, so it's best to be a PREPPY PREPPER in order to keep in Step.

Lose your fear, cough up a fear ball kitty, use oil to loosen and get it Gone.  Ack!

Picture some scales, lol, and I mean weigh in on our consciences, where have we left ourselves open for Murphy to pick up and dump the load on top of our current load. Don't get over loaded, is the point.

IN your eyes......

Look into eyes, what do you see? In the mirror is their magic? Or has your king-dumb come instead? 

There are "Others" whose form so ignored, that we the ignorant, must make time for a few glances their way.

Your pet?

Or your equal?

How do you treat your slaves? Slaves, yes Knaves, you keep slaves. 

You decide.

We are seeing some interesting behavior in the AMinNal Kingdom. Birds on HI

HIgh flying up in flocks, in apparent fun and frolic. They are awaking too!

The rocks, the inanimate, may surprise you soon....Don't be surprised as this party has not even gotten started yet. There is more, but Whispers, then notes, then some solos, and we are hitting it on high...


Murphy's final solution could be a karma weapon of mass misery, don't be miserable, be honest, be courageous, be everything you know you are...

I don't recommend the Road where one may BRown Nose, Murphy, turning on their own kind.

Be one of "Mayan" kind, and remember, we are victims of victims of victims of victims and your glass house will not withstand the Opera singers, your shattered remains a day a way. lol Forgiveness.

But do persist, it's a powerful tool. Let truth be the guide, compassion the compass, and you won't get lost, or too lost anyway :)

And when all can fail and it does, Sing. YOu don't have vocal chords, tap it out. You have options, never surrounded, never surrender. 

"I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again, I"m dancing on clouds so High up above, I've got a song in my heart, I'm read-dee for love...Let the stormy clouds chase, everyone from the place, Come on with the RAin I"ve a smile on my face! I'll walk down the lane in happy refrain, cause I'm singing, Just Singing in the RAin!"

TRy it out. Sing in the RAin, No umbrella required.

Good luck, much affection........Laura Attlast

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