Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weapons of mass irritation....and more

I've discussed the phenomena on this blog, the "invisible influences" which exist to persuade us to "give up" sell ourselves, ignore our wisdom, our conscience, etc.

Now, let's give a name to the "THEY" the "them" the "attackers" "Oppressors" and so forth, let us refer to them collectively on this blog as:"The Enemies of Fun and Chocolate." 

There is not much more we can say about any one or thing that would attack, oppress, or deceive but mostly irritate the hell out of us.

Reading info on the internet I see the most "interesting" articles nowadays. lol

A debt of gratitude goes out to those brave souls willing to speak the best truth possible while enduring massive attacks on their ability to function physically or mentally or financially in this part of the world.

Having been experiencing a lot of these attacks, one a real bizarre episode, I know to endure these skirmishes with a sneaky adversary only gathers crucial data. And it makes us stronger if we don't expect to win each and every battle.

Stay in it to win it, the whole war.

I truly appreciate personally what has happened to others. It has helped me immensely to hear other stories told in many ways.


Silence at my house is the LOUDEST din you can imagine. lol I can hardly handle the sounds, the creaks of the house right at a moment attempting to concentrate on WRITING or thinking. "Pop" and the thought slips my mind.

There is a constant hum, which varies, but it accompanies a high pitched noise, and it is varied in intensity. But it is amazingly loud to  me. During those supposedly QUIET moments, listen to it, what do you hear? It maybe weapons of mass irritation against our ears and senses. 

We are apparently, seemingly, as I like to conjecture with out too much concretizing of material, face weapons of such as harassment with Sound Waves, microwaves, which is discussed on the website shown at the end of this post.

My situation will be discussed more, as I can relax into the position, allow more "focus" on what I write, taking a better second of third look can help me. Sorry that it's been so erratic, but I have had some serious static, and not just on my phone either.

Yes, writing has been a STRUGGLE at best, and I can laugh when I begin to RECOGNIZE the struggle to contain my OPEN mind continues on as well. lol

But there is a problem with the food supply which has been obvious for a while. It's poison, or it has been STRIPPED of it's nutritional value, or it's addictive like crack.

Also,Water is a murky proposition, with pharmaceuticals found in quantities that could alter our thinking and behavior. Other unknown substances are in the water we use for our showers, on our toothbrushes, to clean our hands and food.

The list is huge the resources a government has against it's people.

Usually it's limited to people with open minds, or other interesting backgrounds, who catch the attention of these cowardly connivers. But all of us have been brainwashed to some degree or another. Some are under one form of attack all the time. President Obama now authorized the government to take over the bank accounts of ""persons of interest."

Add that to his legislation on Marshal law, the FEMA camps being prepared, and the Patriot act, and we got ourselves a way to shut people up and lock them down.

Right now, it's about attacking your reputation, making someone look bad, or other methods, but that will likely escalate as more people are awake and angry that there is no breakfast. lol HELLO CRUEL WORLD!

Horse to the stable

I must add that I feel more grounded to openly speak and accept hard truths then when I tried to fit my former "paradigm of reality" into the mainstream of life. It never worked. lol

It appears I stood out from the crowd. A sore thumb.

Though I may have had to stumble, drool, and appear unsteady, the lesson was not lost. Nor am I, nor are you.

In an attempt to mitigate my position in life, I"m Giving myself some credit, not allowing depression to rule the roost, building up a tolerance or sharpening my FOCUS on the moments, all of this to help my continued and everlasting rebellion.

Humor helps a lot, it's funny sometimes, all of it. It may not be medicine, but humor helps the bitter pill go down a bit easier when I can laugh. Or sometimes I dedicate an hour to singing or crooning to animal friends, to lighten up. Whatever I can do to enjoy the clouds while the rain soaks me, I do it.

From the Rabbit hole in the wall gang. Laura Hart your friend in truth.

Here's an excerpt from a writer who has posted some very alarming information, but the SAME stuff others are posting.

The writer, uses the same abstract "they" to describe the oppressive force working constantly against us. They are more graphic in their description of these as attackers if you read more, but I won't disagree with that characterization. 

Website address.

Concentrate on things that really matter, make a plan with what you want to achieve. Your attackers will want to block you, they will try to change your focus, wear you out. Do not waste energy by reacting to what these idiots do. Smile and do your thing. If you have to start your central heating ten times a day, then start it eight times. If they hack your computer, then try having it fixed by a friend, try another computer, try other ways, may be you can use the internet to do the things you want. They want you to spend days on repairing your computer, while may be nothing is wrong with it. In general always have a backup plan, other things to do that also must be done that day, that week, that month. If you do them now, then you won’t have to do them tomorrow!

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