Saturday, August 29, 2009

There is a Godzilla in Lake Isabella, and it's, run, run

Well, I'm figuring the lack of nicotine in my system is now causing some inflammatory condition which has turned me a huge lizard like creature roaming the valley.

Yes, I must apologize immediately for all that I am, probably, by the look on my cameraman's face, going to do and say for the next couple weeks.

But as you the readers of the bi-polar American understand, bi-polar experts you are becoming, realize, let's say it together, change my chemistry, change my emotions, and the fuck out.

To my brother and my friend, I am quitting smoking as I said I would do, and I damn well expect some sort of action out of you. No more drinking at all. Yes, you may need to be scared "straight" here.

And clearly I'm the one to do it.

You'll be home tomorrow, and I have no idea what sort of nonsense you have been up to, but you need to back up your end of the bargain.

Its not like stopping smoking is going to do anything for me at this point, so I'm doing this for you...and probably to you.

Yes, I apologize now and ask "Scooter" for as much control I can muster during this time. Explosive to say the least.

When a bi-polar actually scares other bi-polars, it is always bad sign.

I've got to stare down my demons and so do you. This is only an opportunity to empty the fear basket. Now let's do this and rock on. Again, just bumps in the road.

(The pens are starting to look like cigarettes. The camerman is afraid. Should be an interesting week. I'm spun tight, ready to fight. And Sept. 8th is right around the corner.)

Potential new mottos: "Don't Drink, the craving will go away in a wink"

"If you booze you lose, and possibly easily bruise." You wouldn't like that, being covered in bruises would you?

My mind is so silly and intense all at the same time. "I won't smoke, its no joke. You don't drink and the better you will think."

"No smoking, just lighting them up." I don't know I'll work on it, when my chemistry begins to balance out.

Talk soon, little brother. (This a no slurring or smokestack zone.)

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