Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What do I do to them...in the company of bi-polars

It amazes me the brilliance all around me, the minds of the bi-polar. But I push on them to write asking for the best.

I'm guessing this is too much pressure. But what I mean by the best is simply writing it the way you see it. What is created is aside from the process in your mind you go through when translating life into words.

Those words, even writers are afraid to use. I've had the opportunity to observe "writers block" in others, who are so eloquent as long as there is not a keyboard or a pen in front of them.

It's like being a farmer trying to get the milk out of these cows.

Some have been utterly disgusted with my assignments and just blow right past them, writing what they want to or nothing at all. They want structure, yet they don't. "What do you want me to write."
"Write about what you are because of it."
"I can't do that."
"What do you want to do you can do anything."
"I don't know."
"Yes, you do, now do it, click."

A friend of mine sat here today for an hour while waiting for some inspiration. I said, "good, don't leave the computer until you have something."

As I'm not known to shut up, I went on to describe the problems being encountered: "they're all in your head."

Naturally, that went over big. But I'm going to have to continue to push on them, because once confidence is established by way of communicating with the creative aspects of the universe, it can be grown and nurtured. It's like having faith.

So, I say, keep writing and don't worry about me, I'm just a writing machine, who is trying to show you how to get it going. "Really, its nothing personal." I've been writing since the womb; I think I left some graffiti or hieroglyphics behind.

Enjoy bringing in your own perspective, challenge the rules, hear your own voice in what you write. And then use spell check and everything is cool.

For some reason over the years people have had a difficult time writing with me. So, then I imagine its probably me.

Pardon me for now, extra pressures are on, so just write. Enjoy doing it.

Tips: don't be afraid to erase a whole page that didn't feel like it hit the mark.
However, sometimes successful fragments can be saved and used at some other point.
Know that the universe gave you all that you need to create: begin building your faith.
Keep it real, in the sense of plopping your perspectives right in the middle of it. That style has changed my writing and my life. Express things that are stuck within you. You may find an oil strike there.

Let's see what we can do this week....

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