Monday, September 21, 2009

I should've just pissed her off myself...

If you have never met Laura Hart before, how might I describe her to you? Well that's a difficult and complicated question to answer. If I left this task in the hands of others they might choose to describe her physical appearance as frail, thin, or perhaps even weak and her demeanor as highly sarcastic and full of piss and vinegar.

True, she is thin in a sense but there is far more to this person than meets the eye and when you take the time to conversate with her you'll realize just as I did that the spirit residing within that unassuming, petite frame is vast and far more expansive than you could ever imagine.

Although I have only known her for a relatively short amount of time, I can say without the slightest bit of doubt that the Laura Hart I have come to know is not weak in any sense of the word nor is she ever lacking in cleverness, wit, or a willingness to help others.

So, again, how would I choose to describe Laura Hart? I'm sure there are many words I could use, like strong, passionate, generous, ahem, tenacious...but there is only one single word that truly comes to mind: genuine.

She is not afraid to show you or anyone else on this earth exactly how she feels, and like it or not, it is undeniable that she is one of the most genuine human beings you shall ever have the privilege of knowing...she is the real deal.
And because of this honest and genuine nature Laura Hart is an honest and genuine threat to those that prey on the weak; a threat in the sense that her words and her ability to discern the facts from a mountain of lies can do what most of us can't or are perhaps unwilling to do: expose the damn truth.

Now if you are at least somewhat aware of the vast array of things that have tried and failed to keep this woman down, you know that she has been through many ordeals (how in the hell did she survive hitting that bathtub rail head on with enough force to bend it?) that make her seemingly invulnerable, but you must understand that she is only human after all and quite vulnerable just like the rest of us and I have proof.

Over the course of this past week or so Laura slipped into a depression and worried even her closest family and friends who were all rather used to the various sides of bi-polarism and manic depression.

Somehow, this time it seemed much more serious.Bored, frustrated, and struggling for a sense of self, my crazy friend became suicidal and all of us closest to her stood there on the sidelines in the unknown, anticipating an outcome that had always been at the back of our minds but never in the forefront of our hearts.

We wondered if she had at last reached the point of no return...Well just when we thought things had just about reached their dreary and dreaded finale, and life's many burdens had proved too much for her to handle, something happened and she snapped back out of it.

What was this occurence that could thwart so easily Laura's ambitious goal of self-demise? Was it divine intervention or a simple twist of fate? Well call it what you like but I gotta call it from the perspective of us mere mortals: apparently somebody really pissed her the hell off.

And I was suddenly reminded that that was the one thing that reignited her fiery passion before: somebody with enough arrogance and indignity to speak of her as though she were somehow less of a person than they and in the process really pissing her off... Um, BIG mistake.

You see, Laura is a warrior; she lives for the fight. Sure, she can have her moments where she may lose sight briefly of what she is fighting for, as she did last week, but as mentioned earlier she is only human.

She was forged in the fires to take on that which few dare to tackle and in doing so she gives others strength and hope and leads them to the path of redemption. There is a word often used to describe such a person who gives and gives at personal expense for the sake and benefit of others and Marvel Entertainment knows that word well...but for now I think I'll leave that word up to you to figure out.

So, anyway, the fiery Laura Hart I am used to seeing sifting through paperwork, making untold amounts of phone calls, typing away for hours on end on her archaic computer, and ready to fucking kick the asses of those who dwell in injustice is back and badder than ever and, well, looks like I'm along for the ride once more being as I am officially (and proudly) one of the Bi-Polar Reporter's many "cronies".- The Cameraman

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