Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Bi-Polar American in London...

We finally did it!

I was not in a good mood this morning at all. After a rough night of sleepless tossing and turning, I realized I was out of parrot mix. Well, there was a bit left, but with none of the goodies Sky enjoys. The dismal look on my parrot's face was enough to get me dressed and out the door.

I pulled into the parking lot and shock set in as I looked at the gas sign and the prices seemed to be, well, not real. Then one of the employees came out and was actually raising the prices right in front of me. It was like madness, the instant understanding that we are now really heading down this painful path, here in this country and around the world.

Not that any of this should really shock us, but I guess attempting to be in denial like others around me, those in the media, definitely government types, didn't last as I'm not really into watching my fellow American's suffer unnecessarily.

Yeah, real good mood, then thankfully, my good friend called, it was time to make the flight arrangements for my trip to Europe. For the sake of simplicity, I'm calling this trip, "A Bi-polar American in London."

We sorted out the dates, as my friend is thorough, a detail freak, and now I'm supposed to be making a copy of my passport for her and for me. Damn, too much to do. I now am on count down as it's just over two weeks until I depart.

This  morning, I would have stormed out of my country, really despondent that I am watching America throw it's most vulnerable under the bus.

Now, I'm curious. I'm really interested in the perspective of being away from this country for a while. I will NEVER give up on this nation, I think all in all, there are really incredible people here. Some beautiful minds. Our culture, if you can call it that, has become one of competition and business. Everything is for sale here. Your principles, your honesty-self respect?

The American dream does not remain intact. Why? Because a decent person would be hard put to consider success something you do alone.

More on the trip and the ideas...Have a great day in spite of political folly and horrendous greed. Laura Hart

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