Friday, February 24, 2012

The Dogs of Whiskey Flats 2012: Walter and the "Flat dogs"

Walter is getting ready to go for a stroll through our annual "Whiskey Flat Days" in Kernville, CA.
Two large Golden Retrievers are of interest to Walter who ignored most or all humans 
Walter has to have a close up with the Golden to make sure there is nothing wrong with him. Geez!
A "hippy" weiner dog ignores us and quickly scoots past.
This good dog handled Walter's rude overtures and allowed my dumb dog to get up close and personal.
Walter found each and every dog interesting. Whether they liked it or not!
hey Shorty, Walter loves the little dogs! Don't go so fast!
A poodle in a purple stroller is something of a sight, but Walter decided to sniff...
How confusing for Walter???
He's a big dog and I warned Walter he could get his ass kicked if he wasn't careful!

Here's an old Boxer. Looks nothing like Walt, though kind of weird he had a nice attitude.

This dog was showing off. He was beautiful. 

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