Thursday, February 2, 2012

My newest pet...a bi-polar pet

If you're one of the majority of people who hate spiders, this post is not for you. I happen to like them, and even feed them other insects.

This critter is a tunnel spider and during my "vacation" in November he moved into my bathroom and weaved his web around my Q-tips and saline spray. Needless to say those items remain in his web.(A friend of mine suggested I call the jail/psych ward incident, having been on vacation. Whatever!) 

I'm sure it's not unusual to keep a pet spider. But I wanted to show you this beauty and he or she really is gorgeous. While laying in bed one morning, a fly buzzed me on the nose, irritating me as I am not a fan of houseflies. Somehow I managed to grab that dirty little fly while he was climbing around on Walter's back.

I took it in to Wolfy, (spider name) and tossed the fly into his web. He was right on it, but came out too quickly zooming right by it. He proceeded back into the tunnel, briefly, and hurried right back out and carried the fly off. Awesome!

I noticed yesterday that a new spider has moved into the neighborhood. It's a regular, garden variety spider, no cool tunnels, such as what Wolfy built. I initially thought I would capture the new spider and throw him in Wolfy's web. I'm not sure yet, he's big too.

If I decide to do it I will videotape it as the two spiders are rather large and burly. Might be a fight.

Feeding your dog or cat costs money, having a spider is free, as long as you can catch some grub for it once in a while.

Wolfy has free reign next to my Q-tips and Saline spray. I have to be careful when I fish out those Q-tips as the tunnel is constructed against the box, movement could cause a breach in the web.

It may sound strange, but I do enjoy these creatures and have for a long time. I don't know how long he can live, but I will continue to supply him if there's nothing available.

And maybe I'll throw the other spider in the web. It's not like he's an "owned" spider. More on this, with possible video. Instead of cage fighting it could be web fighting.

This is another world we often forget about or immediately want to destroy. I noticed that Wolfy has been getting used to the sound of my voice. He actually peaks out of his tunnel when I come in the bathroom. What if I could teach him things nobody would ever thought could happen? A spider who sits up, shakes and rolls over.

Don't think I can do it, eh?

Anything is possible...

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