Friday, February 17, 2012

Future: Shock treatment for us all

There is something honorable about this generation of young people in that they are the bridge to a very uncertain future. But they have a spirit about them as they've learned to accept life's differences. The duality we all must contend with has been dished a real blow by this generation of people.

This generation didn't use fire in it's message, rather they quietly even passively undercut some of the biggest impediments to a good life, such as sexism, racism, any form of prejudice really has been questioned.

Part of this has been the technology, the new communication, the ways in which we communicate. If these general estimates are true that computing power is doubled every 18 months, then we truly have a shift on our hands.

This will be ground breaking causing as much havoc as a true earthquake. One day we have computers learning skills which can be used to pass IQ tests at around 150 score. This means in a year and a half, we will see them at 300. Now, just fucking go from there exponentially and you will see the future.

The next generation to come will be so different from it's counterparts by way of technology and the mental applications we create. How these changes will manifest in human physical appearance will be altered as well. The numbers say we are all getting obese, we all work away on these computers, then we play on them as well.

Fuck yeah, we're fat, we are the generation making fat folks.We are changing, not moving around quite as much, with our new lifestyles. Will it kill us all, or will evolution step in to say rev up our thyroids to burn more fat?

So, when you see a young person know this person will have to tackle far more, at a higher rate of change, for a longer period, than you ever will have seen. And people are wanting to stop progress by ignoring it. That won't do you much good either.

I digress, but I see some remarkable changes in the not so distant future. Much of what happens will depend on our ability to evolve here in the United States of America, home of a certain bi-polar American/reporter. I will be here for them, the generation which will have to manage the accelerated growth.

We can't depersonalize, disassociate ourselves with what will be a great challenge for all of us. This economic situation, the realities of the greed, thievery, horrendous violence by citizens and of governments perpetrating violence on their own citizens, all of this will have to mend to whatever degree for us to proceed into a prosperous future.

At this time there is more talk of the end of the world, and there are more like beginnings all the time, but we have a great tide of despair not being heard on this planet. Many people are unaware they have to catch up to the current time. It's not 1950 anymore than it's an hour ago or a minute ago. Things change rapidly, hang on if you want to keep up.

We can't be assholes and not acknowledge that we have gone too far one way and with the river of technology roaring we feel helpless to stop the onslaught. There are good people who are trying their best to bring about change and I am one of them.

Whether it's within myself I make the change, it has an effect that resonates for us all. Each time I see someone succeed in getting past their own limitations, their own walls, it gives me hope as I encounter my own obstacles. So, we all participate in this event, we can make it easier on each other by allowing what I call our personal freedom, and also by having compassion.

Compassion is a real asset as we now live in a time where people have friends and form bonds with people they have never met in person-cyber friends--facebook stuff. Contrast that with my life where only 22 years ago I stood in line at the AT&T store, which had branched off from megacorporation Ma Bell. There was a long line of impatient people, and when a man and woman asked if there was a phone they could "talk in and see each other," they were greeted with snickers and sarcastic remarks.

"What do you think this is Star Trek," one angry shopper heckled the man and woman who were only a few years ahead of their time.We have cameras everywhere and we certainly can talk into our computers and smart phones and see our friends.

This, of course, has accelerated the advent of awesome phone sex. I'm kidding and again I digress.

There are truly serious changes that must be made for the survival of the human species and every other one. I remember Jacques Cousteau, who roamed our oceans and seas for decades filming coral reefs and sadly seeing the demise of our ocean life. He warned us. We rolled over and went to sleep.

Our alarms should be going off about now. And in 18 months we will be past the ability to hit our snooze buttons.

Have a good day, and when you get a moment, check to see if you can get a glimpse of our potential futures. It's ours, it includes us all. How cool it will be, how much fun, depends on how we handle the everyday, every day. Laura Hart (time traveler)

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  1. Thanks Laura, it's always interesting to read anything you write.
    The only time travel I can achive at this time are trips to the past.
    Nice to see you back and look forward to more of your thought provoking stories.