Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heading to Amsterdam...Happy birthday!

Just had the best dinner outside our home here in London--beef ribs, fries, and Sierra Nevada Porter, my favorite beer. The waitress was tipped off that it was my birthday and we ended with some shots too. Awesome!

During dinner, my friend, excitedly told me that I would be happy after she showed me my present.


Amazing! Yes, I do feel better. I'm such a fucking bi-polar American. Goddammit.

I cannot thank her enough for caring that I was upset today, feeling crappy about being me. She insisted I  meet them for drinks and dinner then I would like my present.

It was a weird start as my eyes were swollen from crying, but I could not allow myself to be angry as that would ruin the whole plan of getting control.

I went inside the tunnel to wait for the train and some man kept staring at me. Mostly these Londoner's hardly give you eye contact, but this guy was staring. While I stood there some woman came up with the tightest pants and ass, wow, and we, the whole crowd, crooked our necks in awe as she passed us by. Then this strange man began to walk my way.

He then approached me muttering, then said, clearly, "you're from the future."

I didn't have a response as he said looking me in the eyes, "you are from the future."  He then joined his wife, or whoever, walking away, looking back at me.


I've felt my whole life that I was not exactly in the right time, so it was with interest that I heard this comment. 

I then headed into the financial district to meet my friend and her friends for drinks. We had a nice chat and I learned I was not so wrong about these Brits. They are far too polite and enjoy the American attitude. Funny, our discussion ended up being about anger issues. These limey bastards will not speak their mind. They are human, get angry, but instead prefer to talk behind someones' back.

We moved on to one of the few steak houses in the area, our dinner was incredible as I explained my American taste buds have felt unsatisfied for a while now. It was so good!

We clinked our glasses together acknowledging how wonderful the visit has been. They are so cute, they keep counting down to where I'm leaving then get sad. I love them so much. I wish I could stay longer, but I have things to do...if I don't freak out.

This has been a growth experience to say the least. I still miss the people of Spain they were so incredibly interesting to me. Now, Amsterdam should be intense too. The dutch and such.

I'll be back on Sunday, as I must arise at 4:30 am for the trip tomorrow. There's laundry to do and some packing, as my friend is rather fastidious about our travel. So, goodbye for now.

Back to the future....when I get to America--Sacramento here I come!

Your bi-polar American....

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