Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Aliens that's the reason for both good and BAD...?

ET can go phone home somewhere other than my house in the dead walk the nights, ghosts turn doors and their knobs into their own tools. THey are completely unwilling to admit these stage hands of the universe are maybe aliens of not so pretty a nature. I hear they bite and don't smell good either.

But they are lighting up the sky like Lightening BUGs, and yeah, right, it's so white as a sheet, the faces of these actors from the cast off's of BROADWAy, A cats possibly other lesser sideshow bobs, His HEADS, Sixatleasttothisbeast, Carfire Yoyo, MOJO Fire Fighter, biter, lair, O mara darhma, Greg, NO threatening weather, Cat winter,  A tiny Splinter ACTION taken.

Now I don't know if we are made of the same ATOM, and on the EVE, the douche bags, aKA your wives and daughters preferred method of twat washing equipment. Yes, my twat soap in a bottle, was completely the stupid and meant to embarrass me a woman, already humility according to textbooks, internet search, family lore, bits and pieces of info dots I see before my eyes, this SIN isn't me.

Fine So Dandy doodle, and Craggy top flops Show NO mops drops OFF SHOW does broads AWAY.  

You fucking can't help but sin to win in this World of LOST holes Sky SWEET Fly all NIGHT to KNIGHT. Body doubles bubbles cap ass city of GreeK Feta MEta MORPHEOUS.

learned in his episode as a SCHIZO dude with voices who were not helping him with his college homework. Okay, he began to talk to the voice,YO Downer STreet sweep me feat me deedle dee,  which obviously represents something other than MAYS own insecurities,self help inner world and look at our language barrier reefs keep some fish in an aquatic system, the mayfacialtics, that supports the whole brood in these socially acceptable, too contrived and perfect which is not our LOTT in life, so why should we so kneel down to the aNimal you too, and methree bees, but I c's u's with someone above my level of expertise.

I'm a shit head who is not happy to wake up to such deception. NOT you're happy camper, RIP Van Winkle in the sky, Twinkle twinkle little guy, how's it up there in our sky, riding high whiile our biggest goal is a good nursing home that doesn't smell of my urine, which I can't imagine with a bunch of pisser and shitters, who babysiT and have tools of control to keep them reaching ABOVE the fake love, to the truth.

I'm a 50 year old woman, an old hag, a nag, with a definite sag, to my SAG card, but that's for later, as the investor GATOR is swimming on the prowl, going into nests and dens, wherever you, big beautiful, you, doesn't want me, that' is exactly where I;m going and what I'm doing.

NEEDED, not needy, people to take their roles we passed out at the last supper or at the HOLIEST GRAIL the hay bale out party ever thrown, with togas, and yogis, I'm your task asker, as that's what I do is ask faster and more furious as I'm fasting, lasting and can unleash a round of questions that puts this whole fucked up ET terrarium, in perspective.

My cage comes up and out, and that's not truth, I'm not going nowhere there is not a potential for greatness and I love to open cages, and let those out who mistakenly sit atop a perch, with no re search, and when the door swings opens sits and preens, not knowing what life as a "word" means.

LIFE, lie, flie, file,

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