Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The truth is your salvation...dark times ahead.

What world would control all it's inhabitants? 

A world created from that which is NOT "truth?" 

Something "created" in falsehood? 

You are not wrong in feeling a sense of deception. It is growing at a remarkable pace.

There are no coincidences.

Each and every single thing that happens is attached to the "environment" around us.

This matrix with which we give power each day by reinforcing it's strength in food, breath, water, life and death, can be detected. It also is self perpetuating it appears. Once we act on it's control, it seizes more control.

What do we feel is going on :"out there?"

We suffer this environment, but we also have a sense of this "control." We may even KNOW it's an illusion. But we may also think the illusion is a device that strengthens us, or suffering we deserve for our sins, or we may even think we can ignore it away. It's a "video game" and we are all computers. Right?

Or is there something more insidious, and possibly some truth that our suffering is NOT worthwhile or our true condition?

The gut truth is yours, it's never been gone. Use it, we have our strengths. We have something that isn't completely able to be controlled. Otherwise you would not be here.

Have compassion above all else, do not think anyone less. Just victims as we all have been. A cycle.

Our environment, including language, is corrupted. We are being divided against each other. Bickering, fighting, hurting...killing. A few misspoken words, and there is hatred.

Clear all your fears as they WILL be pointed back at you. Judgment and fear will be turned on us all.

No secrets, speak the truth however, to whomever, whenever, in a falsetto, or a whisper on the wind. It is your weapon, your sword, to cut away all that is false. USE IT!

You are no better or worse than anything else. Arrogance is indeed a major pitfall. Madness it's master.

You are no better or no worse than a moth, a cockroach. We all suffer the same.

If you do not release that thinking, you will SUFFER the arrogance of others. Your enslavement, complete.

The arrogant will be swept into a torrent of answers, none of which will serve the truth, but will rather cause more confusion and enmity for the person unwilling to LET GO.

The truth is simple. 
Deception lives in the complex. 
Truth has questions, deconstructs, knows less is MORE. 
Deception fuels itself in the confusion it causes. 
The truth cannot be lost.

All that IS NOT "truth" (original) is a potential weapon of control.

Lighten the load, let all go that isn't completely necessary. Throw out, DO NOT Hoard. And those with too little, grab a few more. Those with too many, send it packing to those in need.

No need to suffer uselessly either. Balance, is key. Bi-polar, a coincidence? Sure, it is.

These are some things I've found helpful as I've traveled into the mouth of the whale. These are some of the pitfalls of clearing away the deceptive thoughts and employing the fire that is truth.

Hope this collection of tips will help all weary travelers who stop by for a break. lol This is what I have for you now, I'll add more when I have more. This is always transmitted with the best of intentions, but cannot be taken as "error free" as nothing is error free here in this current environment/matrix. lol

Your friend in truth. Laura Hart

PS-If you are up to it, please check in and let us know what you are sensing around the "environment" what changes are occurring, what do you see, or what do dreams tell you? We are in this together. All for one and one for all. Thanks.

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