Thursday, June 28, 2012

Break free's free

Be bold and break through the fear put on you.

This list may help...

1. Question all thoughts

2. Where did these thoughts come from?

3. Do these thoughts create confusion?

4. Are these thoughts of self-importance?

5. Are the thoughts overly positive?

6. Do the thoughts cause shame or paralysis?

7. What happens when you question these thoughts?

There are many people caught in the idea that they are making one last stand for life. The world will end and to hell with it all, let's party and have fun.

The rate of hedonism out there is rampant. Are you one of them who believes this will somehow "fill the gap" "something" doesn't want us to see?

Do you suddenly have a need to enter into a religion for answers to why that "gap" still exists?

Are pithy sayings such as "believe and it will happen" still resonating with you? 

Suicidal thoughts are rampant. Wanting to leave this life for another is a healthy response to the torment we are made to suffer. If you feel suicidal you may want to step back and find out why. But don't die. It is a dead end road. lol

Just for kicks, if you drink coffee, switch to tea. Or vice versa. Stay away from the habitual as it is the comfort zone. Shock that zone. Wash your hair with hand soap and put your habitual notions to the test.

Food is suffering. Eat nothing at all for as long as you can hold out.

If you're into Yoga or stress reducing, stop breathing for as long as you can.

And if you believe you are ill, then act healthy.

If you feel you KNOW then let it go.

If you feel confused, you are correct, there is confusion being thrown at you. Rest easy with that notion as none of this is really you. 

Test it out. You may find that the "gap" you fear the most, is the place with the MOST.

Your friend in truth, Laura Hart

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