Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I eat misery for breakfast..notes from the rabbit hole

You are an alchemist who can change energy.

Are you ready to rock and roll?

Well, I'm back from an adventure in which I found out that it is all too simple thus becoming quite arguable for some, but the simple truth is we have it. So, let's spread the joy!

Decide on the new energy of love and it will be,

No effort that's too complicated. The complex nature is a deception.

Truth is simple and it's free.

And so you will be too.

My friends I am so grateful for all of you who have been there while I struggled against something which was not as powerful as the gifts we have to use.

I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to have us together again.

All for one and one for all.

There will be no one left behind.

Even those who left trying to escape the hopelessness.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

It's not anti-wrinkle cream my good friends. It's the eternal you.

The one you were hoping was there but could not possibly imagine. LOL

You are powerful in love and simple truth.

Money is a trap that has been laid.

There are many traps unseen 

We are removing them

So, enjoy everyone and pass along the good news.

If someone can't feel it, just have patience.

We are in a process and all is well.



Misery changes into gold

we can change it

I'm happy to serve.

I have nothing that you don't.

That means you can...

Play and practice the art of love.

Feel it change us

We are so amazing

We will know...

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