Friday, June 15, 2012

A new Era...Yes, I think the meek shall inheret the earth!

Still on my journey, a very profitable journey. (And profit not in money, but learning about the paralysis we are in with money as well as new lessons in other measures to keep people down and out.)

I've got much to do from now on, but looking up old friends is really a boon so far. Today I'm a kinder person, more understanding than the fear ridden, angry, "please listen to me and understand" persistent type, who left her home a week ago.

All I am willing to tell you right now is that things are changing at a rapid pace for us all. I'm seeing great strength in the friends who are the weakest. It's helping them crack threw the shell. And now I've got some great ideas, new ones. Less painful for some, and more painful for others. lol

Shall the meek inherent the earth.

Why I think it's our birthright my friends.  Simply choose it, live and let the rest go.

Again, I am so sorry for being abrasive with you. Life has already been far too abrasive and I won't be that person anymore. I am not my anger, I promise, I have shed that skin. I've been falling rapidly down the proverbial rabbit hole, and each time I think I landed, I was confident: Jeezus I was fooled by this dark life again.

No more anger. I've hurt too many people who never deserved it. Scooter help me I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I am just as vulnerable...I'm only human. I've also not simply human. (more on that later in our journey)

My compassion has grown Dr.Paul Ekman, please view Eckman's personal views on compassion via my youtube site listed below if I remember to paste it. And Elyssa Match, please return my calls as I will be coming-a-calling. You are good people who are redeemable. Please think things thru. I don't want any trouble. Nor do I want to give any trouble. Unless you ask me too! LOL

But don't forget he's also selling some significant information to the governments. That's a bit of a threat.

Maybe he will change sides soon. I would welcome the company. Friends are always welcome here.

American Indians are you waking up out there? I'm here to help you get back up on your feet and let's do this right. It's worth writing to me and finding me on facebook. I'd love to talk.

The nation is as powerful as it's beliefs in it's own strengths. I believe in you let me help you believe in you...again.

Your sister loves you too!
 No, the government does not really truly want weed on the market. Why? It makes people who consume it in some fashion "lazy" "mental" "stupid" ? That's what you've been told.

It makes a chemical change that allows us to see that there is no good reason to argue, fight, stress out, work past our comfort level, hurt others, and basically would keep the world from finding soldiers, cops, security guards, it would eliminate the sadists.

Do you like sadists?
 Those who are willing to hurt anyone with me and I mean that in the broadest of senses by the way. If you hurt them, and do not quickly understand that you did not mean it, and did not do this in their best interest, then you may face serious repercussions designed for your own good.

I would prefer people out there begin to see the error of their ways and take measures to change it.

I'm not leaving, can't leave, lol, and am here for all of you who think somewhere that I think you are less.

No, I think you are all more than you can see at this moment: but that is going to change. You will know yourself as purely something really cool. It will be awesome I think I can guarantee this. Right Scooter.

 If it's not warmth, comfort, strength, compassion for everything animals, children, the trees, the ugly, then it is a part of you that you are being kept from really knowing.

Remember in the movie Braveheart when the armies had lined up and found friends in the other oppressed people aka the Irish, the pretended to clash and ended up shaking hands on the battlefield. Trust me, please, anything is possible from this point on.

I'm here because I care about the whole world. I will let them hack away at me. Please take your pain and anger for what has caused you to not recognize your greatness, even feel uncomfortable with the thought that greatness is the opposite of arrogance/hording money/killing people to have MORE----And please take it out on me.

I accept that you have been duped and life seem surreal right now. You maybe asking where has God or Scooter our friend around here, where has "it" the light the laughs the love been while the skies turned dark and people are confused.

It's been a lesson in freedom of choice.

You choose. I can't make you. If my words resonate than stick with your gut, but most especially your heart felt feelings that a lot of people have done the best they can and so many have been carried astray.

Religion and the bible. Let it all go. Cry if you have to, but it's made from partial truths as there will be great truths revealed to you soon. It was made with the blood of those who were willing to fight for the side of truth and light.

Thank you all who have died, been harmed, tortured, in fighting for what is right in this world.

I am powerful. I went from powerless to powerful in a second last year. You will too. If you want to.

 You make the decision do you want the world the way it is? Or would you rather an incredible world?

It's come time you will decide with me what this is going to be. I will do my best to show those interested in this better life how we get there.

No guns required. No bombs. In fact, I'll be talking to you in more detail. But I assure call to me and I will come!

I am yours if you have the faith to believe I am here to bring you to the power which is incredible when it is mixed with love, truth and faithful creativity.

More on these developments. See you all soon. Love you...very much (as I love to tell my bird who has begun to miss me...This one goes out to all who are listening and those incapable of hearing, I and me, love you all. Hang in there listen to your better thoughts, your heart. Stay attuned to all things negative and dispense with them now..."Really find out what feels good. What is good food. What are your animals trying to tell you. Why would a powerful creative world full of fun and love want to linger in pain, misery, stopping the flow of creative spirit? To transcend. Let's go! Go get em' you incredible people who think you are not! You sure fucking A are!)

My youtube sites are KVHD under Fire and Orderofthebipolardisorder: feel free to look around more vids from my current journey coming to the site as soon as I can.

Can you tell who is lying and who is a soul in big trouble? A soul whose Karma may be on it's way unless these people do something about their belief systems, their love and faith.

And those who are awesome at making us think we are a pile of crap. Those nightmares the dark brings. They will pass once you accept there is a DIFFERENCE between what you really are and what the dark side would prefer you think Have fun while you learn and begin to choose for yourself I like all living things, it feels really good! I even like to feel water, I can feel some water is poison while other is warm and nurturing. Water has been poisoned. The ocean begs to be treated better. I know I'm visiting with the ocean and its inhabitants on this leg of the journey which appears now to be far and wide.

Okay, Scooter help them handle this who need to be great and let those who think they are great, find their arrogance all out of whack. And give them all a chance to choose. Know that I know if you're lying. lol

Talk soon. Love from Walter and I. Wow! Fucking A Walter is incredible now, you're going to learn that animals are truly your equal. And your nasty negative ego, will step out of the way and enjoy your animal, insect and plant and...other friends.  Love them, give them lots of love. Spoil them and yourselves as the times they will be a changing.

It's easier to change when you're happy about changing and allowing others the significant experience of telling you all about their new thoughts, ideas, feelings, love!

I'm so excited, you should be too. I'm sorry if some of the sadness I have felt about the state of the world and it inhabitants, and the anger against those who allow this continue in a devious way such as television, the food supply, the media, the money which keeps you from getting time to think, drugs that could help you break from from the rat race, have hurt you or not served you.

I was afraid. I'm now working on experiencing and transcending it all so that we may all get thru these trials together.

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