Thursday, June 28, 2012

What wouldn't Jesus do? Or any other prophet...

My guess is that Jesus would NOT perform miracles expecting that such a display would impress the masses and convert them to Christianity. It would NOT simply be proof of anything. There are many who perform outside this constricted realm.

Jesus would also NOT want people to "follow" him. He would likely believe them to be his equals, only difference their ability to actually know this fact.

Jesus would likely NOT make promises of a "reward" in heaven for good deeds performed in this time. This could be considered as cheesy as the "reward's card." Activities done in the name of compassion reap their own reward.

A Jesus would NOT want praise or any other earthly matter, only the culmination of transcending the lies of this world.  What better a reward?

Buddha, another highly touted prophet has been converted to a series of pithy phrases and an apathetic type of system of tolerance.

With Buddha of the new age, we are expecting to "endure" or "transcend" our current state of being. Then we will either reach enlightenment or we will have to incarnate again to catch up with the "Jones'" of spirituality.

Buddha  probably would NOT preach that we should accept our state of suffering without question. But would question the origin of this suffering and recognize it is NOT a real condition necessary to play some phony spiritual games.

Buddha would likely understand that there are many who are victims, who would NOT want to be so preoccupied with the systems in place to oppress us.

Buddha would NOT want the Dali Lama running across the globe insisting our world should meditate our troubles away.

Buddha would know that the dead suffer. Buddha would NOT say that we will incarnate after we negotiate this life.

Anything or anyone who preaches knowledge has it's own god, Science.

Science recently offered that God is simply a chemical reaction in our brain.

Science has also given us the practical guide to illness and death, being used regularly around the globe.
Sciences is NOT a justification for anything that causes inequality or does not heal.

Yes, there are many religions all being stirred up so that we care in a state of mass confusion. This is a time where people may feel nothing makes sense. That is why there is this confusion, to further berate us into a state of submission. 

There are many issues twisted and turned on the side of continuing to oppress our spirits and our truth.

Look around, at the vast array of things that get in our sight which we entertain as truth. From the moment we are born into a body, animal, human or otherwise, we are programmed to do certain things and if we don't, we don't feel "real."

The "needs" begin to be the answers, love, food, material things, beauty preoccupation, spiritual acceptance of suffering, all things that divide.  "Divide and conquer?"

We can't get happy unless we tune into the station that plays all our favorites we cling to as to avoid the idea that we may just be more, NOT less, but far more than we have been able to understand.

Why can't we understand that we are MORE? Who or what would want us to remain so small?

There is NOT two or three or even four truths. There is ONE.

Seek it out. It currently seeks us out to warn us that the invisible hand we may believe guides us, is NOT us. We are even better.

No need for a "bucket list," a boat load of money, a facelift, gastric by-pass or "revenge" or any other activity which does not lead to that one truth.

The religious corruption as well as spiritual misguidance, still contains the one truth. But we all have to endure the deception to find it.

Look by emptying all you have learned from the "comfort zone." Less is our MORE. 

May we begin to know we are MORE. And may this understanding empower us to let loose of the chains we continue to endure. 

Your friend in truth, Laura Hart

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