Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do NOT buy foreclosed homes!

There was a statement made by someone at the Fed talking about the previous bailout of the "rich and craven" here in America.

The point this person made was that the government could have bailed out the whole country, all the homeowner mortgages while also saving the banks.

If they had spent that money to bail out "ma and pa" America, they would have given the banks loads of equity, and all would be well.

But as we have discussed there is a force of fear which has taken over the world. The fear that these few people would not have enough. The fear they are not themselves enough, so therefore need to pretend they are somehow better than others.

Survival of the fittest? I doubt it. It's a notion you and I had come to accept.

Now think for a minute, who does that sort of thinking serve?

If you have the answer, read the rest...

Do not step on the backs of people who are caught in the crossfire. It is not okay to buy all the foreclosures or to buy homes from under the people flat broke and on their backs.

What people apparently don't recognize is that your time may come and what do you say to the person buying your foreclosure as you and your family depart to live on the streets or somewhere else just as uncomfortable?

Don't let fear drive you to the idea that it is okay to step over others so that you can "survive" and live on. Have some faith that helping others, serving the world, has merit.

It really does...

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