Monday, June 4, 2012

The Root of all evil...

If I were to look all around this planet for the real cause of suffering, I would find fear at the root of it all.

Those who can never have enough money, are in constant fear, and they are running this planet into the ground. 

Some people cannot accept that they are being hoodwinked by their own fears.

Or actually, many people do not realize the deception that is their "thoughts."

It takes some courage to open up to the lies we have actually "gotten used to."

And the lies we tell ourselves so we don't have to rise to the level we really can and should be living.

There is nothing easy about facing fear. It's easier to go along and live a lie. I see it all the time, everyday, people who would prefer not to be challenged past what they have been hand fed by the people who live in fear.

It's a damn hard problem to overcome our powerless, negative thought patterns. But are they really our thought patterns or were we programmed to think thoughts that do not give rise to our true potential?

The shackles I see most people wearing are fashionable clothes, new cars, or ideas that are fed them by television or the media.

But the biggest impediment is religion. (more on this subject soon: false gods and prophets.)

Even the spiritual has a market out there for their wares. I am going to take down many of the sites I put up under the link section of this blog such as Burt Goldman. I do not want anyone to think that I have not learned what these businesses are really made up of: using fear.

With a world in struggle, the monetary system failing around the globe, people are becoming more and more fearful. And now we have those who would "sell' them the answers to the questions which plague their minds.

My sister was visiting recently and I told her, "I had an epiphany."

She responded, "yeah."

I told her, "give me five bucks and I'll tell you what it is."

We laughed.

But it's really not that funny is it?

Have a great day! Laura Hart

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