Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beware of false gods and prophets as well as PROFITS

I'm on the trail following the sites containing spiritual advice and materials to aid in obtaining that perfect peace of mind. LOL

Okay, this is something that has been bugging my senses for a while, but not until the right amount of build up is removed can one see the patina.

This really is a chaotically sick society which would require amazing talents to begin to heal our planet.

I haven't found them out there.

We have Oprah money hoarding Winfrey giving us very mixed messages. She does not allow for the idea people may fall victim in this society. Rather she offers that Ekhart Trolle character who acts as if he has designed the universe himself.

It amazes me how fast people who have been walked on and oppressed, such as black women like Oprah, or our Prez who has fooled us, come in under our radar, as the first black president, do not help others transcend their limits in our society. 

We appear to purposefully keep people down. As well as ignoring our environment. Which somehow doesn't make sense as the "power mongers" need somewhere to party.

I'm looking, listening, but so far I can't advise anyone to buy into a spiritual or religious program. These are unfortunately uninformed people or those simply creating the same soulless franchise all the others have but maybe with a small twist.

One of the trials of reforming one's thinking is that it can be off, or not completely formulated as I believed in this sort of spiritual model myself.

I'm curious to review what my current workings with "Faith" are about. How does that work.

There is also a trend toward the promotion of atheism. Science claims we all have a "God Spot" in our brains. They are selling the idea that near death experiences are chemical reactions.

In this context it would be tough to interpret certain events as anything other than a blip in the brain.Then there are those who persist

One may give up the pursuit of potential extra sensory experiences or psychic phenomena, or possibly communication without phones. The potential is only as viable as there is interest in pursuing it. That interest has been diminished as a hoax or the works of a fringe type of effort without the authority we give anyone giving themselves the title of scientist.

Yes, there are books, sites regarding our potential for advanced ideas in the areas of advanced potentials such as I described.

But again this is mostly behind closed doors as there is an effort to discredit, dissuade a general interest in, or simply use social stigmas such as "mental illness."

I'm sure there would be an effort to stop the average population from using telekinetic or other tools in the course of their lives. It would be a threat in too many ways to list.

Admittedly, this tendency toward money for human growth is getting prevalent and part of our American culture. Which points at a push toward seeding the mindset with this thinking.

If we could only accept life on it's terms. Yeah, that's great except for the part where your country, city, whatever, does not allow for you to succeed. The games are rigged.

I would guess that there are many websites out there simply to fortify the ideology of these new "just go with it" or "acceptance" or "being humble" or "be happy with what you have."

Here's my spiritual response: GO FUCK YOUR SNEAKY SELVES.

It behooves us all to not simply fall into this sort of mind altering thinking. It's rather ominous to me at this juncture.

I'm sure as I break all the patterns, the "rules" and the twisted logic we all once accepted, I will have much to tell. 

In fact, I'm beginning to think this premise of a spiritual awakening could be more linked with a sudden understanding that your society has duped it's constituents. To what degree this has occurred remains to be seen.

I am not eliminating my own experiences with faith and some rather unique types of events that don't fall into categories that are generally acceptable. These are my forays into examining what is left out. 

There is much more for me to learn, but as I waver, look stupid or crazy, which maybe the real reasons for telling people there experiences must be considered spiritual. After it is accepted as a epiphany, a sudden onset of laziness occurs as anyone resisting authority is now the bad guy.

Hi, I have enjoyed the hell out of being the bad guy. Watch, I'll show you how I do it, and this won't cost you a dime or give you a headache trying to read between the lines.

Your messenger in Truth: Laura Hart

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