Thursday, June 21, 2012

To suffer no more illusion...

Language is feeble

Our communication corrupted

misunderstanding abounds

the more words

the more fear

it seems until we find our way

We are suffering
Some are having nightmares,

burning, anxiety, alien dreams,

hearing voices, overconfidence,

sleepiness, over doing,

you are not alone

Many have reported these experiences

Don't shrink away

go fearlessly ahead

Hold onto love

It needs us to remember

The truth is at hand

animals are waking up

wanting to be heard

have much compassion

for them

we are a caged birds too

we suffered in silence

no more....

we speak truth now

I continue to learn rapidly

not clinging but letting go

of falseness

I really do believe we are

better than we can think

thinking hides another reality

our thoughts seem to hinder and hide

that we may be so much more

so awesome

we CAN find it

our way

Be strong and bold with love

WE are NOT anger

WE are NOT fear

WE are NOT death

WE are NOT pain

Let it go

LOVE is our truth

And truth our love

Love to all...

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