Sunday, June 24, 2012

Desperately seeking spiritual answers...

I've asked a half dozen people today numerous questions about life. and most specifically compassion. Wow, what an array of answers. 

I would like to thank them for taking the time to talk with me. It helps me understand. 

Here are some ideas I have heard. 

We are here to suffer.

We don't have to suffer.

We can think our way to a better world.

We have a good world so we can suffer.

Compassion is personal you have to do something to help like food, or touch or water.

Compassion is defined on the internet look it up.

Compassion is for some and not others.

Compassion is limited so don't waste it on anyone except family.

I'm better than the animals and will evolve.

I lost myself because I think nothing is better than me.

You can push away evil.

The world is evil because "I" see it that way.

There is no evil it is all illusion.

Think positive and evil goes away. 

Alien intelligence is affecting our DNA.

Aliens are waiting to take some of us.

Jesus and God don't have a body.

There is no one answer. 

All you have to do is die to have a better life.

Death is a release.

Ghosts are helping us.

We are helping ghosts.

You can change the world but only your world.

My world is separate from your world.

We can ignore the world and it won't matter.

The earth will shake us off like fleas.

The earth will shake off some fleas not the ticks.

We are a computer.

Our body is the problem. 

There are laws we cannot break.

There are rules to follow. 

We can't love everyone.

Love means pain.

Love means to suffer.

Love hurts and can kill.

Love is powerful.

Only rich people in suits will really save the world. 

You can't save everyone.

You don't want to save everyone.

Save yourself. 

We must die.

We can't change the world and should not try. 

So, that was the information people were nice enough to share with me today. I'm sure it was tough to have to go thru all of the rounds of questions I had. lol 

I appreciate it. Because these beliefs will shape their reactions to coming events. It maybe helpful to know what sorts of ideas we believe in. 

There seem to be answers everywhere. But are they truth? 

Love to all. Your friend in truth Laura Hart

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