Sunday, June 17, 2012

Demoralization completed in America...

I've had one hell of a time heading down the rabbit hole. It's been quite intense as I have discovered from much research as well as these incredible gut instincts (for lack of a better term).

This video contains information about how a government, a social structure, can imprint its message into the population, such as we call brain washing.

I've been very careful not to get too stuck on various ideas I know were fed to me. It's tough to break free, in fact, it's very uncomfortable and horrifying at times when the truth is allowed to penetrate the mountain of manipulative lies one has been trained to believe.

But be glad as the news is great, when we take down the walls we will find something incredible. It's worth the risk of breaking free from the oppressive nature of the very sick system in place.

So, ye who tread here, it's a wild ride. I'll be here if you need me. But I'm confident you are quite capable of handling this transition as we were falsely sold the idea of powerlessness.

Be careful as fear peddlers abound out there. The media is racking up zombie stories suspiciously seeming to set a chill up our spine.

We are most certainly not hopeless or helpless. Chins up demoralized ones.

(oh and about Scooter...It's on the agenda as I question it all. All my thinking, my past, my actions...all are being questioned. It is necessary to reevaluate to create a free choice. As of now, most of you still are hanging on to notions being force fed.)

Your friend in truth. Laura Hart

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