Thursday, June 21, 2012

We're all addicts...

My dog Walter eats and eats.

I give him all he desires.

He cannot stop.

He feels empty, unsatisfied.

WE get addicted to not only drugs.

It is far deeper than that.

When you know you are addicted

you can begin to trust

in the ingredient which converts

emptiness into fullness.

Love makes it satisfying.

Love is giving up and letting go.

Of all that makes us want.

And that is quite a large list.

You may stumble upon many addictions

that you never knew you had.

Love yourself anyway.

Love others who may not see as well as you.

And know that love is all giving.

You have the power to transcend.

True power at your fingertips. 

It isn't about having, wanting, keeping. 

I love and let go of all I hold onto.

All the best from your friend in truth Laura Hart

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