Friday, July 27, 2012

What is in the neighborhood? LOL Sightings

A light show, a Show of What?

What are these lights that are occurring over the KERN RIVER VAlley?

Who is this attempting to impress?

Yes, it is getting really interesting as there appears to be a less than effective VEIL over the top of most eyes.

NOT ALL eyes, but many, are hopelessly busy avoiding the true nature of the DEVELOPMENTS.

AM I living by some limestone caverns, I Heard that I am. AND these are home to what?

I can't see them, in total, they hardly say a peep to me. IN sly crappy, ways, yes, they are a dull drum.

The downtrodden messages. THe regular programming.

But there are other ideas whose time has come. Random events that lead to NEW data. LIFE has a way.

Here is where you can come to know that you are not alone, LOL, in any sense.

BUT the TRUTH, has yet to be REVEALED.

Layers of bullshit, and truth in fragments, we must move thru this swarm, but in doing so, move out much of the CONTROL. Many people have difficulty seeing the STATIC, the CORRUPTION Of LANGUAGE, the COMMUNICATION issues.

Harmonics? ARE harmonics, a song, the ability to see with eyes a new, a naked, SCENE?

I had a dream, I was falling in the SKY with a creature half lizard, half bird, by the throat, me wrapped around from behind--he began to sing a note out of his throat, I suddenly matched the  sound? I don't know what it all means, it is a process, unfolding.

BUt I get the impression this will continue until there is a push a surge of PRECISE EXPRESSION of a degree we are CONVINCED of certain TRUTH. WHO can deny the truth has been elusive, but remains, a EVER PRESENT contract.

IN MOVIES, music, THEMES, MYTH, can be found partial truths. Visionaries ALL and we keep it going. CREATING a sedition. An on going mission. UNTIL it is done.

GOOD luck to you, as you discover where you are. WINDMILLS humm, with harmonics, creating an electrical sound, can you hear different? SHARP and scary, jumpy, maybe?

IT will take time to adjust to it. IT Is something we CAN adjust ourselves. WE ONLY need to FIND it. LOL

So, have a day of doing things, you know will help you draw away the VEIL of deception, 

I continue to find this fruitful, hunting pockets of this collusion, this source. Unwilling to commit to a viewpoint of what the source maybe. It's a tricky one, with I"m sure, more control of misdirection, trickery.

BUT as I find you who seek can have it. THose who don't or can't should not get too much flack, they become an effective distraction.

REPORTING from the rabbit hole, YOUR FRIEND in TRUTH, Laura Hart

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