Friday, July 27, 2012

Algae, how does it play into all of this?

I had a dream last year, there was a source of power being sought by two forces, who were addicted, to the stuff.

It was being grown under lights, in buildings, the two VIED, for the stuff. It had no end, the growth, would immediately be used.

Then another force, would try to steal the stash of the other. It was a senseless, endless, struggle.

The lights, the stuff, grew and grew.

The use was so fast and swift. LOL

No keeping up.

The end to the dream, concerned a false effort to trick the other into thinking it was all gone.

Never to be found.

Then I described the object of the desire as a small plant. ALGAE. My friend told me it sounded like Algae.

Just reading up on algae. A FUEL? A Source of food? FED with CO2?


These dreams were interesting. I have not forgotten. All of it. LOL

Read the link about and see what you think. Laura Hart, Friend in TRuth...

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