Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Rebellion...STAY STRONG.

I"m okay, with my situation, I choose it. I"m sad as hell with what is going on around me. And CHOICE is my saving grace. God, your God, is in your mind. My beliefs are such that the truth appears with me to be TRUTH of our GREATNESS shall we know it, know it's compassion, know it would NOT create this malicious world. A world of ADDICTION far beyond that of drugs, alcohol, sex, death, one of a playing field not to be won. THIS IS NOT a God's world, or a GOD who should be followed, or trusted in. THIS IS a HELL, an oppression. And when it is exposed as such, when the MEEK inherit their own WORTH, then I will celebrate in the great strength and compassion shown by those who would NOT tolerate such nonsense. And power to those who wish for compassion beyond the following of that which DECEIVES, those with true strength and character. I BOW to them, I thank them who wish not to DECEIVE. I kiss their feet, I know they are less, and less. BUT I know they are still here with me as I do not PRETEND to accept this any longer. NOT a minute, not a rotten, painful second, I REBEL, forever, until the END OF TIMES!
 What do you know?

Probably, not a lot, if it's deconstructed down to what is known. This is perfect to control us with, perfect to fool us with. But never are we doomed to be less, as our more keeps rising to the top. WE ARE NOT LOST, we are FOUND.

The times have created a moment of ESCAPE, and they are weakening, to a point, that MORE pressure is applied to get us to submit. WE WON'T SUBMIT, we will ADMIT, to the TRUTH.

MORE, as I plunge down the rabbit hole, for more truth.
Let compassion/TRUTH/LOVE be your guide in all you do thru this RAMPAGE of CONTROL.  
Your friend in TRUTH. Laura Hart

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