Friday, July 13, 2012

Throwing it all away...the pain.

It's hard to imagine that we are throwing it all away. Our former selves, perceptions, casting this off for something we really are and have a right to be. But in this setting? In this time capsule, this environment that creates life that is demented?

It's painful to strip away all that we built out of sand, but it has no merit to hold onto a single thing, except, your core truth/love compassion for us all.

Speaking truth, testing truth, imperative in the face of this sudden recognition most are in the process of having right now.

It's a real challenge to be hooked on this disorder that we have become. The food, the death, the addiction that is every thing, every single thing. Nothing is excluded. It's meant to be that way.

Life has something inexplicable, something of a spark. Where are we? Our truth diluted into a language that is capable of great manipulation and misuse. At least it appears that way. lol But things are not as they appear on the surface.

There is life around us, but what is it? A hotbed of deceit and misery, suffering and finally this very subjective experience is created called "death." The ultimate in control features. Impressive.

It's an amazing trap. Or it's a lot of things, subjugation perhaps. These revelations will come later I'm sure.

For now, yes, you are about to do something that every effort will be made to keep you from doing, which is to begin clear it all until there is the shape to what "things really are" Of what and who you are. From there you battle the despair that you are indeed nothing without the droning of television or an activity junkie or a feeling junkie..."that is how I feel." really? 

This is your update from the rabbit hole. We have lights in the skies overhead. It's apparent this has some meaning. But do not appear to be unafraid as this is a strong force which beguiles us all. There is one truth and that will be found.

You are life expressing itself from a compromised situation possibly. lol

But you are talented, please do try all those things to your hearts content. But your couch or bed, are not the best place to get too comfortable. There is no comfort in these former things.

So go to it, do what you need to and mind you there are going to be more updates as more little glitches occur.

Chasing windmills?

Your friend in truth, Laura Hart

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