Friday, August 3, 2012

Brain WAsh In the RInse Cycle...

It's always been a problem, MY ANGER. LOL

It seems that is one thing that has been consistently quashed over the course of the years.

Nobody likes an angry person. REALLY?

Why not?

Could it be it is justifiable? LIVING in this world of hate, the deeds perpetuated upon us, as a whole, it would seem. The brainwash of all is that we are in this for the big prize. Freedom of unknown proportion. LOL


TIME TRAVEL, it is another SECRET tool, that has been buried, away from those who have intentions other than of self centered, worldly needs.

IMMORAL bastards of time travel. Why does one assume that there would be some code of GOOD, or MORAL Strength, perseverance, in accord of PROBABLE reality, of TIME TRAVEL, multi dimensions.

IN other words, there are people who can and do travel through time. It is possible as so many LAWS that you were taught are only there for CONTROL. There is no reality that does not require testing. QUESTION it all. Simple rule.

LEONARDO DA VINCI, a time traveler. ONe whose works have been LOST. MY ass this stuff is lost. It's all been hidden intentionally.   Those intentions are not for the Prospect of FREEDOM, for compassionate goals.

NO, this is a loss of great knowledge as a means to a confusion. LOL This is the power of the other side of TRUTH.

So, my anger is of interest to me. Keen interest since it was so disregarded as one of my "Less than appealing" qualities. LOL I"m not very appealing, let's put it that way.

The more I learn, the more I unearth, the more I am testing, questioning. Altering my habits, but never forgetting I am immersed in the poisonous environment.

I enjoy some poison too. lol

I can dish it up as well.

These are notes from the rabbit, hole in the wall gang, and I"m one of the gang. Never ending, daily, it's nothing but interesting to find your whole life to be a possible FACADE, of a degree only to be known by the removal of the veil.

ThAT is my end.

So, today, there are some bad folks running around thru time. They have my attention. I am not unfamiliar with the concept myself. But TOD/ay, it's ANGER, the angry, the real grief, the remorse, the DAstardly deeds, the ugliness, and then I"ll find a new way to view it. Should we be AGHAST, burnt up, about the way the world has LIED to us. KEPT us, CAGED us?

Should anger be SUPPRESSED? We need to keep a LID on it? LOL

I"ll let you know. What is next on the list. Your friend in TRUTH. Laura Hart Attlast

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