Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Just today, President of this ALIENTATED nation of America, mentioned that he would love to talk to some aliens. If we can find them, send them to the Prez of the GAlaxy?


Only yesterday were we reeling from the incidents that have taken place. A certain plane found our airspace alluring enough to fly low and slow, and it was not identifiable. It was not something normal. Today, planes flew by normally, but suddenly a humm, like a muffled jet cruised from above, and the DOG and BIRd made a point of mentioning it.

I"m bored with it.

In fact, after all these years DEVOID of UFO sightings, they just never flew their ship of fools in my airspace, until this week.

A few weeks ago, I left home to travel, and the day after, the new craze of ALIEN sightings by people not attacked on every level, ended up in the local paper, in the Kern RIver VAlley.

Since I've been traveling the rabbit hole, ONE thing I've come to hold onto, is to LET GO, and wait.
I get the sincere feeling that I will KNOW it when I see it. Genetic modification aside, every nasty scum needs a scapegoat to blame for shameful deeds.

I need a sniff, a hint, a couple of words, a set of eyes, and it's obvious.

Naturally, my verification system is important, so I WANT an alien, hostile or not, to talk to me. Or silently transmit. LOL

Though we have collected much evidence to our theory SOMEBODY up there is DOWN here, and it's a distraction to the real world and eventually an irresistable scapegoat for powers that BE Naughty not nice.

I'm more akin to time traveling narcissists than aliens, but after a couple of days of constant attention, I have still held off making a STATEMENT to confirm the existence of aliens from other planets hiding for years and suddenly "coming Out"

What are these GAYliens and they have a purple triangle in EGYPT?

I'm still open to ALIENATING others not only earth folks, why not extend my unpopularity into the universe? LOL

So, at this point, OBAMA is calling for aliens to be reported and I can say, yes, we had sightings. But I am NOT, I repeat NOT convinced of anything. Much of the propoganda is worked out to spread the  manure and there are those willing to cover themselves with it.

How bad are you that you need to blame a species?

CIA, the BUSH whackers, have a history of BLACK stealth operations. And adding to my obvious interest in debunking TIME travel, it could be this is the result. A DNA modified creature, not only unintelligent but used for cover. Doesn't respond to EMPATHY so does the job it was created for.

And this has some merit, but again, I will be watching and if there is some sort of collusion I will get close, or hell, I'll just project close enough to verify my visitors are coming from a local army base and not Mars. Just give me a moment and I'll know.

So, nothing like that yet, a lot of sparks go off, but something says it is a TRICK and not a treat. ANd with OBAMA joining the chorus, I imagine many scenarios, such as "the aliens ate my morality" or "THE aliens mind fucked me into signing the Patriot ACT. If only George W. were the recipient of Galaxy full of stars ready to be blamed for any ills not readily swallowed, but the AMerican or RUssian or CHINESE, people.

Timing is everything, and I CANNOT say whether or NOT they are, I can say my hunch and OBAMA remarks, lean toward something other. Probably not a good thing either. We the PEOPLE don't do a lot of good things these days, so I'm "SNARK HUNTING" and I'll get it. I'll know.

But if there is another WHITE HOUSE party they would be invited. To cover for whomever they can. BRED for space travel? Or genetically engineered?

But I read an article that had a good eye on the prize, which is the ROOTs, including slavery, are not of a mystical nature, it's to cover up.

A nice new KING SIZE blanket would be good for huddling. BUT the CIA would rather modify bodies than to confess their giant hoax, manipulation. The CIA doesn't do anything for us average types, you have to be willing to ride the red road and call it a day.

Many times this is the case, LIE and this sick world will LIE with you. Tell the truth and it's like scatter-shot. LOL

So, you work on it, ALIENS or Government power mongers?

Obama may need a boost for his campaign and if he could have an alien, he maybe able to PLAY it off and send it packing after the creature claims to know more than his dark eyes admit.

We will see if eventually this is the plan. BUt read the article below and consider a few conspiracy theories.

Good night, and I'll have more. Laura Hart

The CIA is a very clever organization of clones or clowns, and they are in the business of dirty. Are THE CIA the ROOT of our problems? How much more protection do they get? This agency is a Legally funded covert operation against anything that tries to stop them from benefitting or controlling resources. The make the IRS look like school kids. But the jig is up, this will not happen if it is only to find a way to fund a covert operations group.

I'm here for comment . Let me know what you think after reading the aritcle. GOodnight.  Laura

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