Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thanks to the Author for a message of note...

In between lay years of hell, The tolling of unsacred bells,
Children stolen from my life, The price I pay for being 'wife'.

Expectations from the world, That I would bring, what they deserve.

Famine, disease, the ills of man, Currency of all man's plan.

Gone forever in words of gold, Yesteryear has shaped the mould.

Time to argue, have not I, Forsaken moments betray the lie.

The truth be told, for all to see, Lives for those, who have the key.

Light workers, Angels first to be, Judged for all the world to see.

For whom it be for matters not, It's only man who schemes and plots.

For with this lies, the open door, For all of those who cross the floor.

Too late now to weep and cry, All the rivers have run dry.
Plagues upon the damaged Earth, Have come to tell of death and dearth.

Families broken, now are tomb, Waiting for a World to bloom.

The sounding of another horn, Takes the count, Now be FOUR.
As you sleep, The Scrolls been read, No mercy now for the 'living-dead'.
Too late now, We hear those say, Who always knew would come the day.

When God would come, and take His place, The leader of the Human Race.

Not so smart now, the human kind, Blinkers on, and running blind.
Watch them begging, watch them bleed, The Humans are, the 'Race' of need.
For eons now the ones who know, Have fought the battle, Blow by blow.

Watch them rise now, As they see, The turning of, the long held key.

Walk in Heaven, Walk in Hell, The time has come, For all to tell.
Rich Man, Poor Man, No ones free, From life or death eternity.

All parts are played, By every man, This as always was the plan.

The ego of the Human kind, The only enemy He cannot find.
Free will challenged, at the gate, For only those, who choose to wait.

Thoughts of magic, fill the time, Sets us free, from man made crime.

Victims of a world gone stale, Words of truth that never fail.
Sitting at the right of hand, Know the truth, of all that's planned.
Brother, Father, Sister, Son, the 'Rightful Heir', Time is done.

All your prayers, that now be read, Casualties, The 'Living Dead'.

Belief in such, seals the fate, Of all of those, Who chose to wait.
Patience, Virtue of the Man, He who nays the 'Devils' plan.
The Anti-Christ now, Sent by God, Seals the fate, The Iron Rod.

Man who argues, is the fool, Deceives himself that he does rule.

Kings to walk, across the Earth, The time has come, to see 'His' worth.
Mothers weep, while sons who die, Whilst fighting wars, born of lies.
Governments who are filled with power, Steal the lives, and people cower.
Blame the 'Father', for it all, The shame of Man, When people fall.

For all the the words known in this world, The truth that lives, The Two Edged Sword.

And when the end, comes to pass, Those same people, with hearts of glass,
Will see the writing on the walls, That sealed their fate, when they did fall.
Argue now, so afraid, Of what they'll lose, The price they paid.

Excuses spill, defense of will, The words of truth, a bitter pill.

Saviour, Victim, all the same, Puppets in the game of blame.
Circus tricks, the show begins, To defend all man made sins.
Hate the sin, and not the sinner, Means no man, can be the winner.

As Eagles fly, and pick the bones, Nothing left, Just empty clones.

Captives of their broken minds, The thoughts they live, leave them blind.
Will cry out from, their weary sleep, Take us now, Begin to weep.
The laughter from the other side, Enrages those who are left behind.
Once beyond the prison walls, Lies all life, the world affords.

Belief in One, is the key, You may be One, but I am Three.

The testing of, the chosen ones, Seals the fate, Of all who come.
Every corner where Man can hide, is a mirror of his pride.
For all resistance, that He shows, Man will bring his fatal blow.

For God has now turned his back, Of all of those, who did attack.

His Son who died, so you could live, The greatest gift, that God could give.

We do not bother for your hate, For Heavens way, Seals your fate.

For all that you are about to see, Is either filled with sorrow or full glee.
And now with this, At number Five, The bugle sounds, for those alive.

And now appears, before your eyes, The truth that's born, Defies the lies.

For those who life, with God's command, The game is played, with full hand.
A game of chess has now begun, Where all pawns know, the prize they've won.

With klaxon peals, the sound of bells, The fate is sealed, for those who dwell.

Within the walls, The Tree Of Life, For all who know, the two edged knife.
The agony of, those who fail, The sorrow of their walls of jail.
For at the entrance of the gate, Lays the judgement, of their fate.

Good deeds, no key to open doors, The Human mind, their fatal flaw.

Greed and payback, traits of such, Seen by all, who search with lust.
Desire not the written crime, as eluded to at one time.
Religion not a key as well, Mans own doing, the Gates Of Hell.
Deception by omission, is a lie, For those who think, They can defy.

Belief in God, of non belief, Makes no difference, For their grief.

They shall be the ones who fall, Ones who fail to heed the call.
For God made sure the word was spread, even to the living dead.

For Who is 'He', This God of ours, The maker of such sacred vows.

The One who watches over us, The One that sees, that all is just.
He gave us life, He gave his Son, So you could live, Your Kingdom come.

And so above, in written verse, Lies the Concerto that I rehearsed.

The One more thing I was to be, My mothers eyes a Progeny.
And as I sit and write today, Beneath the keys the music plays.
Notes and chords they play as one, The words, their music has begun.
For those of you who came this way, The whisper of the message stays.
Laura here, 
Just wanted to take a  moment to emotionally digest this message. My first cry in a long time, it's been tough, but it's always worthy to be true to yourself. I've had my moments, I'm sure we all have, and there is never really a conflict, we DO KNOW, we can resist, and that we CHOOSe to or not to. 
I choose to walk at night, feel fright, as a fucking orb hangs over, I walk to it, not away from it. And yeah, I"m kind of funny type, I also pulled down my pants and "mooned" it.  I laugh, and it helps. But this touched a portion of me, who fights so hard and loves so much that it's impossible for me to choose a lie over truth. Not out of guilt, more of some insane notion that if I KEEP GOING in the face of all odds against me, maybe it will CHANGE. 
THere has been both support and resistance to this, CHANGE idea, and lately I have seen the desperation that has been trying to convince me to stop and get a life. 
I fucking will get MY life, the one that has the KIndnESS, comPASSION, and CREATIVe spirit, EQUAlity, and a VOICE, a beautiful song whispers to me, NOT the miserable downtrodden messages I have endured. 
But here's the thing, without the company of MY FAMILy, Friends of TRUTH, I am never happy. So, whether anyone likes it or not, LOL, I'm going for the WHOLE package, which is a stretch to many who dissuade me daily to "be happy" and wait for death. Gosh, not so uplifting. LOL
Whatever silly things I do, it's not to harm, or degrade, my message has been simple, if it's yellow it's mellow, if it's brown flush it down. NO, actually, similarly, I think if someone is oppressed they are likely a threat, a beacon, and I want to HELP shine the light. Share the load, or even carry it. Serve the BEST and hold my hand out to anyone else who is SEEKING, and anyone who SUFFERs needlessly. 
And I admit, so that it's out there, I got pissed off in this life. LOL There was much ado about my anger. I was not a lady or polite, or NORMAL, and I heard it regularly. But, it did not change what I VALUE and that is why I'm still going. But I do have anger, and I'm sure that will be tested. As all our BELIEFS will be and are being uncovered. 
It's an accelerated transition, so it's never boring now . LOL I'll stop complaining about that. But I have a hard on for One UNKNOWN as of this moment, GOLIATH, and I want to pelt this fucker like no one's business. I keep my anger in the humor mode, as I call my visits with the Planes, trains, and pesky stuff, SNARK HUNTING and those snarks are so odd. I love the scary stuff, it makes me shake and jump. THEn I believe I AM AND I CAN, and face it down. The anger is TRUTH. I am not talking frustration, I"m fucking angry that this has happened. Why wouldn't I be? 
And if I get the chance, I'll be honest, I would like to make the arrogant humble and the bully submissive and the weak strong. And SHIT HOWDY I may have to use a little anger, or COMET, on these tough stains. At least last night, it appeared that way. Planes flying over, slower than school zone speed, the equivalent an ex driving up and down your street stalking you. LOL What a display, but I want to eat them up, and spit them out, and I feel kind of bad, but yet, I feel good too. My friends help me, watch my back, and now we are seeing a side rare to the denizens of illusion. Resistance is probably futile or harmful, but at times, it can be fucking fun, to beat the devil over the head with his own sticks and stones. 
AN EYE for an eye. LOL
Hope you enjoy this, it's got some good stuff. Laura

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