Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pamela Ott hearing Continued...Elder Abuse Case Defendant CEO

It appears the file in Case #126665 ACD, The STate of California VS. i'ts own immorality and some select defendants, has been left in the court room adn anyone wanting to know WHat MOTION was filed to continue the hearing, Starring Elder Abuse Defendant CEO, Pamela Ott,  will be unable to be Found until, HMM, next friday.

Pamela Ott, Former CEO of the Kern Valley Healthcare District and subsequent Sierra Kings in Reedley filed some kind of MOTION I was told, that's what it says on the computer, with no elaboration. Kern county Superior Court did not DEEM it worthy of note, I"m assuming due to it's absence of it's honorable mention in the public record as such on the website.

Was it an E-motion or a LOCO motion, I am unclear, as again that  file was not available, even though no ONe actually looked, they spoke privately behind a large File cabinet. They surmised as OTt's case came before the court Aug. 22nd, and again something happened to make the judge cause the case to resume at 8:30 am on Wed. Aug. 29th, that it was NOT There. Only an assumption from what I gathered.

We are not privvy and no one should be as we, or me, sorry, I travel with a Service dog to the community, but mostly me, dog, Walter, or his new hero name, "Duke Sky Walter" keeper of the "golden Paw of Reckoning" we stopped by the FELONY Dept. and were quickly told we could not get info on Dr. Pormir even, NO go, Nada,  such as copies or anything really. It was a clean get away, as I all know is what i did NOT get.

It's still information, don't forget. lol OMission is still a CLUE. But in a sea of confusion, it's a LIGHTHOUSE. a real keeper. LOL

So, Ott will return to court, on Aug. 29th to face a fierce opponent in the DOJ, who recently called the three years of probation to Dr. Hoshang Pormir, the Defendant and nursing Prescriber of RECORD, as a FIRST of it's KIND PENALTY for use of psychotropic drugs, Conviction.

But That isn't necessarily Correct is it? he plead to CONSPIRACy, and My little TINY brain tells me that the DOJ will need a co-conspirator to make that MORE THAN ONE person practiced BAD JUDGEMENT, as a conspiracy is like th e TANGO, it's better with two. OLE!

I'm again, NOT able to get to that file until next friday according the seemingly BUSy attendant of the Felony records. Woo boy, there was some serious stacks of records. But she may be right that week, would be unworthy of picking up those records and HAuling them to the ground floor, putting them in Alphabetical Order, available to those interested in the pursuit of those who would HARM those who could not DEFEND themselves. CHEAP, sinister, and much in need of examiniation. Me, or other news organizations, or is just "ME-dia" again? OR lawyers of a CLASS action, or CLASS ACT, as they are the minority As I see the report. But still exist with Unicorns and ELvis and Jesus, and SOCRATES, but they are merely Waiting by for some LOVE. There are TRUE hearts even attorneys, and though it be a total of 2, lol, they are welcome to join us and help.

What did the Departemtn of Justice actually charge this woman with? Who does Pam Ott know, wow, she's a real teflon kind of surface, NOTHING, so far that I"ve thrown has had any SUPPORT from the world of politics, Governor Brown or any other agecny Grand ol Jury or the very board of directors that are freely elected and hired her.

So, I ask those who care about truth, to hear my plea, I need some justice, and it comes with a few strings, such as CLEAN slates, and the likes of people wanting to SERVE others and NOT so much themselves. LOL

That's a tall order, everyone has an excuse.

I'm going to write a blog: IF CORPORATions are iNDIVIDuals, then I"m a 501 C3 NOt for PROfit. 

I've never taken a dime for any of this, Except from the Kern Valley Sun Newspaper Who promptly dumped me as I was voted most likely to prefer truth to ADVERTISING, as I"m sure there is littel if any truth even left in advertising.

But I assure you, that I am what I am. I"m here for the underdog. The finale is always the fun part, I think, and if you think I"m too happy, KNOW I"m so UNHAPPY that I have to just enjoy this RIDE.

MY videos are for your entertainment as we OPPOSE this force which continues to allow this hospital, a community, a nation, a world, and more, to be drAGGed into ugly, disgusting behavior.

Get a Grip, your last and final call for the night....Truth, Fix it, Quit hurting us, there is s generation waiting, a new High School, Grade School, Kindergarten crowd out there that will SEE nothing, if there is not some true opposition to this Destructive, but intentionally destructive, no regard for truth, which is simple restatement of fact, nothing more but a guide line for those not LYING and TAKING, Pretending.

You are TAKING from kids currently unable to DEFEND their inheritance.

So, I"m helping my hamburger, to a meal.

Let me know WHAT are you doing?

Inquiring minds, coming to a Den of INiquitY near you. LOL It's time for a CHANGE. And it's TIME for CHANGing our outlook.

Laugh, as I"m using a weapon of MASS eMPOWErment, WE can and Will Stop this and it won't take too much OCCUPying it will be OCCUPY ing itself with a new challenge each time I STEP up to the plate. I love to bat, and I can hit almost anything.

Let's put me to the test.

REad this post again, did I say a thing that is not just apparent?

I"m not a genuis or a MAGICIAN, I'm a simple thing, TRUTH speaker. It is harmlessly a Fact, but an enemy of some MERIT and it's not POPULAR, but a Crowd of humble folks can Expect it to BE A LANTERN in the NIGHT which will befall and Entrap those who have Forgotten AN eye for a watchful eye. 

Is the TRUth not a REal funny under your nose type of thing? How could you have missed it? BUT yet so SCARy to those in the business of LYING and HOARDING, Plotting.

No thanks OPRah and Eckhart TRoll, I won't watch while you steal away to a Debillionatation of money, while peoople near where you film are hungry their children suffer. NO, they will not, Watch your show in A Doctor office as We learn From Oprah what keeps us SLim, or Young or Whatever,and the Doc's she has have a POWEr, Don't they? They are QUOTED and BELIEVED, TRUsted...but now maybe, BUSTEd, as there are other GREAT folks With a message, they maybe right there under your sleepy eyes.

but her Guru Sidekick, The TRoll, he gives us the mistaken impression that Anger would be ABNORMal.

Anger is a REACTION to Finding yourself DUPED pooped, and Suddenly thinking maybe YOU ARE NOT doing this, MAYBE someone WANTS you TOO BUSY TO THINK OR BREATH. YOu who would not STEP on a soul unless it hurt BOTH you and that SOUL, you ARE a Benefactor, please REALIZE. You are WElcome to a BONUS, of some Pleasant sense of who you REALLY are which is a GREAT FRIEND to the universe. 


I"m Pretty angry, but instead, please count on me for your Laughs, and Take to heart or my HARt, that I am a Lover, a Fighter by a choice, that is NOT mine. I must Fight, FIght against something hideous that allows Horrors Unspoken. I need and YOU too, need to LAUGH!

Laugh so loud,a nd dance too it's a release, a WAy to Lose the Grip of the Griping world Around you.

I'm as Dorky as they come. But here to SERVE some JUST US and Some Laughs for Those used to BEING The BUlly's VICTIMS. No BULLy ZONE. The TRUTH will SET even Bullies FRee, but for a SHORT time only, i'ts Effects will be SHORT LIVEd. Some EFFORT must BE Shown, and Then A HEROIC dEed, yes, it's a TEST, of Willingness...Hey Will you or WO not you?

More, much more, to come. Count me in, i'ts a wild ride, But A GLIDE as the PATH has Chosen to HIDE in a pride. LOL JUST DECide to ABIDE and you will Be a WIDE and FAR and ALIVE!

Hope your a meek and I"ll be a Real side splitter I am for your SCALES are BALANCE, not Reptile.  The fun is in the REckoning the balancing. So STay Tuned you won't want to miss this if YOur'e a Truly compassionate type. You're gonna feel REDEEMED with Value. YOu may even DO your OWN THing, a pay it forward, COWArds, can feel the HEAT as they are RETReat and leaving a load of clues in their Rhythmn and BLues you lose.

HOpe is Lost for the lost, but the Good, whose cost was GREAT, I am So Sorry for the Delay. RELAX and STAy TUNED in I"m in your corner, only. I"m a REAL pollyanna, Willing and ABLE, CARDS Are Troubling, as they SEE a FUTURE of REBELLIon and They are SPINNING our Wheel. Fortunately, you now have a WAY to SEEK, who Will FIND your FAith a Healing Feeling.

Thank you for your TRust, it is deserved, and It is HEARd. Dish it up, What's cooking good LOOKING?

Laura Hart (Attlast) Your Friend in Truth and compassion. Stay in Touch, I"m watching you Big Brother and Sister. LOL And Santa and I, you know? What I mean? Naughty or NICE? 

For those UP FROM their DOZE buller, here's something for you and YOURS:

To be redundant: I have another BLOG, called: YOUR GOVERNMENT, your PROblem, an Owner's manual.

The Story with the Dam, Lake Isabella, Army Corps. of Engineers that Should not and I would not, A ghost town deal breaker, will be covered, more Extensively there, if there is even a Dam to slam.

And here's the address, please see the blog post, corporations consume "sleight of money" story Regarding Hughes Net, wow, they are so close to the edge this pick pocket, you won't rock the boat for a fe w pennies, and then you won't notice it either. No time to quibble when the sharks circle your foreclosed home. And INVESTORS buy up these homes. And these Investors are eaten by those who just love LAND. And owning the whole thing to the Tune of another DIMENSion.

Hughes net, just a player, but an interesting one. EXPOSED!

REad and See what you CAN Do. I'm TELLLING TRuth, they are Controlling everything from the INSIDE and OUT. Corporations are Dummies, they are NOT what you may think. But they use a NEw System of MONEY Collection, and i"T is a dang Successful Endeavor UNTIL NOw. They take a few cents here and there from a few milliion of fheir monopolized PARALYZED customers, electric gas phone home, and the money is delivered UNTO evil and then temporarily DAM diverted to Paul or PETER and you have your self a REal INVISIBLE Scam, to the naked eye of the overworked underpaid and chest that BEATs a heart, True, gold, it is a EASy PEAsy.

To those EXPOSED, you ARE too Nice, sugar is not your SPICE, as your life needs UP AND ATOM.

Wake and STAy WITH ME myself and I DO IT FOR YOU, IT Is a Pleasure of Measure so METEd that IT's a simple application when it's NEEDED. IT"S time, if you're Not seeing it, JUST SEe ME or YOU have mirror look at YOU and too you will be.

I"m your Clock and Tic Toc, I'm a ROCK, and they Are in a Hart Place.

Keep in Touch, I would love to know what you Think of the New Attitude. Everyone is  potentail Allie in the tRuth, so I respect your TAKe on the Takers. And Criticism, well, I deserve it, as I'm a Critic and WE MUST Consume our own Medicine. It's mandatory. LOL Let me have it. Sock it to me! But to those who DOZe a Dose of Gentle REMINDER be. Compassion for the LOST who are FOUND, but Not UNFOUNDED TRUTH. But A true, Cover, To BE UNCOVERED. With a Sure hand, and A KIND mind of Mine, only my MIND Can be MADe up, and REmade to UP the Ass of ASSES And that will BE As you Touch and FEel the Dark order of ILLUMan NAUGHTy, is up for a SPANK the MOnkey or MONK spank THEE for the MOnestary Order of Run to One, and nOT BE a Herald, or Mod, and Squads are Squarely on the Shoulders of ME. Her CLUE LEAVES, no Behind me, LEft.

KVHD, what could it be if we used it to SERVE as a harbor For THOSE willing to SPEAK up? YOU are So Appreciated. And So, BACKED with a REAL GUARANTEE! NO harm will come to those WHO SHOW WORKS, a SPY loves me, then Get me the Numbers, honey bunch, I love their Crunch.

Yes, I"m so weird, that i EVEN wonder about me. Don't forget it, we ALL watch ourselves, WE Are a GAme of THRones, let their Be a KING of Hearts, Willing to Dethrone a Rival of Some Odd old language, I hear tonight dear, as I had not returned yet to be king, only kind, with a single mind.

I WILL NOT Be under or OVER sold. "Goodnight" of a Round of TABLE talk,  for crying out loud. THANKS! Don't be afraid to ASK and you will RECIEVE in the order you showed your own true COLORS. But otherwise, I"m yours to use and Abuse, and amuse, Give me your CLUES and you will see some use. But it best Be a REAL DUE or your DUE some BLUES for ill given CLUEs, I

am not a polite Person, it takes too much time and ENERGy. I

Am what you need me or What you are. Remember, that the madness, will Send the Doctors to the WArds, and the STates wards will Be REWarded as those who were A Victim made. By a shade.

Stay outdoors, THE SUN is Good for the SKINs so thick they would Stand Cutting of an Edge only TRuth Can Etch. It only hurts for a moment, then HEll is A LIFetime, as there will be left no heroes, only inferno, of a Wanton lot of Addicts, and Perverts, and Satan Aint got nothing on me power SPELL under I"m not, the cast and you will not outlast any WELL being. of a Swell, and kind, and humble, jumble of this crazy mumbo jumbo.


Okay, I'm thru, When the True are in my nest, AT THEIR BEST, and I at their REQUESt, only a Whisper and the wINd will Hear your name. And that is?

Better find it-- your name and soon, as there is Sooner than later.Eventually, the Events ARE a hear and they Are there to those who Will Be the AWAKE in the Deep SLEEP of time in the memorial. No more, oriole, your bird cage is FREE, DOOR WIDE OPEN.

Come hither, caged bird your wings await you. Your smile SUITS you, your kindness a STRENGTH to be RECKONED and SEconded, by a PARTy for the ones in this manner have Shown a MASTery of heroism under exTREMe duress. Yes, you are AMAZing and With GRAce you shall pass. I shall walk you or you can run fly or stumble or what ever your HEARt desires.

THAnk you. Legends in your TIme, We will sing the songs  of how you Stood AGAINSt WRong with your BLOOd death, family BREath, your Song will Be Strong and Will never again Waiver, flagged, and flogged.

It's our NATURe, 2 nurture, and Future, Your Bound and Tied, and Gagged as your Jinx have been Rendered Extinct and by order of the Universe will be SErved a ReCKONING.

Hi Jinx are not a Good idea, lower the dam, and I"ll raise the hell, stakes are from a mistakes, and they must be RECKONED too. So it's not personal but Imperative you pass my blog to your FRIENDS and LOVED ones who CAN have a TRUTh  of a Fourth, fifuth and Six Kind of Mind.

Let them HEAR your TRUTH, no MATTER how hard it is to SWallow it's TRUTH, it WILL SET US FREE.

Okay, that's it as those in Deception may feel I"ve spoken too much and try to outdo the TURK. LOL What a jerk, and pull, and What are they a Ship OF Fools as the ENTROPY is a catch 22 for the Ship of Doomed. Yes, there is a Fools Boat, But it's a Afloat, the Doomed Will bE Entombed and Ruined and now that it's out there, They ARE IN FOR SOME STEWIn and SCREWIn and There's a REAL chance it will BE a WHEEL ON That ETERNITy, let's see how nice they ME is Convinced, NOT Connived to BE.
See,  one Warning, is a morning has broken, and if there are those who wish to Continue to TEST the BEST, and not JUST can SEE do what it does to those who Does a A huge mis STeak to my heart, will never, DEPART. NEVER, is a long PAINFUl, NEVER, ever. how was it to think yourself CLEver.

So, CLEVEr, are you? Well, that's a real nightmare when you are Cleving to a False identity.  EGO ERGo, SUM total to be PAId back by a BITch.

Who ARE YOU? What is your REAL purpose?

Are you repelled by my PLEA and to Deal only with A short time and STATE and the line of WAIT is long, as dEAd are ALIVe they may hope to Enter the KIND kingdom of, The CAGE IS OPEN the door is a jar and not so FAR, KINDKINGDOM of heaven to Betsy, but this is WORTh th eWait if it is a bit late. I'm sorry Charlie the ocean has a NOTION TOO. BE there soon. No need to worry, I"m going to HURRY The SLow, and Worry the Low, and SCurry the NO go, but I'll hug THE LUG WTH THE BUG in his rug. And I'll mug the THUG, as soon as a Mug, is SMUG.

and get you who are IN LINE with the Time, in a ORDERELY but According to SUFFERINg we do PROCEED.

KVHD is under FIRe, There is DAM I'm a Good Corps and Will go somewhere like to hell, but there is Still a Chance you can DANCE a the DAMMED FIRE DAnce in one night. LOL It will HURT, PAIN a TEACHEr, you will be A SCREAMER but it MAY save your SORRY Ass. LOL Sorry but it's not your TURn anymore, it's MAYAN.

DO it, don't hesitate. Love to all, the new and Himproved, MEn of BLAck are BAck WArds and Will NEEd warning of IMPENDING Mending of the SEXES, EXES, and cOmplexes, so Simple it hurts. KVHD under FIRE and maybe new SERVICE of A kind KIND. Join us, To SERVE, LIGHT, and Remove a CURSE of TRIBAL Torture, Disrespect, and HOLD them HIGH, Send them HIGH, as they have a RIGHT to BIRTH, and CREATE. HERE We ARE BEST, Held, in the ARMS of Those WHO SERVED and SERVED and Continue to Fight. I am their VOICE until THE SONG SINGS and WRITES a WRONg way DRIVER.

SOON...keep it real, it's a DEAL BALL BUSTer, you won't want to Dis' or network with others. Not so savory juices, and and Also a REAL Sanity STealing, TRUTH robbing, SOB, that want only to CREATE A false front or GOD, or Even, Watch out, a Balance of VALANCE hidden, Fake and Face off.
Lease don't buy, as the goods are billed and Quacks are DUCKING AS they SKY is falling and A HOLE will Send you to a Whole SElf you can only enjoy a new SERVING of.

Laura Attlast she's done an d theBADDER Is dipped and STiff upper is the LIP, RIP to those in DiE or STRaights of making a CLAIM of Foul PLAY, ISee it and WILL RAZE you to the Ground with nay a sound, go HAy Wired to your NEW CAGE.

th e Balls being Busted. LOL We don't give pain relief to those who shorted the RELIEF of others. So, don't be surprised when your own lies Dis' GUYs within REalm of WISE, The WISE, and Become a Twist in the plot. Your own Good nature, will BE a HEAL for REAL.Just DEAL THE HAND, and MAke A STand to Avoid REP RI MAN doo, dah, doo dah.

FLies in teh BUTTER Milk and SHOO Fly Shoo and MOO SHOO Will be your POrk. Rind, and Rind it will go and no Wiser owl will you know. WHO Are you? 

BE it, do it, come here, come to the TRUTH for your YOUTH back and no Surgery plastic NOT Required. I'm not for profit, I WONT leave unti you ARE LOVE In the AFTernoon, LATe is Great, but Let there be no WAIt, AS Those who DAlley your Will must SErve the PURPOSE!

SERVE and BE heard, and Be Rewarded, REvealed and Before You I put my BEST foot in th e ASS of those Asses who held you Captive with NO Sight or HOPE for SIGHT or NO knowledge\, no memories, MEMOR X files, are now Available, THINK, who ARE yOU? And they were FORWARd, they took off and left Behind, and ASSES they are.

Horses, Will NOT CArry them BAck, as there is NO BEing FORWARD, to TIME a CRIME, NO Go, to the LEVEL WITH THe devil COwed, and the NIGHTmare Winds a SOFTENING breeze, in and out, you have DOUBT and DO I.

What did they Do to make you MEAN and ATTACKING your kind Heart? What did they do that they ARE NO Light no, Bright, but a BLight a CURSE of DAM NATIOn, to the CUT PURSES of the KIND kingdom?

ASk? it's KINd to FINd them out of their SIN they WIN, a place. A REAL DEAL.

IN Fact, EMPOROR, you have no CLOTHEs. YOu ARE bare, you are so CLear, you CAN SEE forever, YOUr FOREVER, not one SHACKLED to your BACk. YOUR BAre BAck of SLavery, a NEW FORCE OF NATURE ALL intended.

Wow, Did I just Get this SLAvery thing going? ARe you a Wakey or FAkey awakey? What makes you think you are FREE? Choice?

CHoice of SURVIVALL or Survive, only if ALL are SURE to REVIVE? WHICH ARE you?

Choice will become FREE, so For now, I will WATCH AND SEE, the GLory is To FREE the ME from the SEa of DEbris. I CAN and WILl, send JAck and JIll back up that hill and their CRown RESTOREd their own Door to perception, OPEN, Go thru, FEAR NOT...

I"m just A girl who enjoys a FUN RUN in the SUn...HOw Abou t you? Got a Rubber TRee?

OR does a SOURCE OF ORE, Sorcerer, Feed you, a fan of Your LORE of a POOR one, a Sore one, and ANGRY Type who can only Yipe and NOT ACCEPT this LIFE so WROng long before it WAS LONG Fellow's SErenade, he's here with the PLANS we MAde, and have STayed, laying plans, a Day away...Tomorrow LAND end's here and NOw.

be Type cast in a familiar role over and play dead, are coming back on the chance that they are MORE than a INVISIBLE influence but a TRUTH keeper and SEEKEr, a Helper for mother, and A earthy Tone for those Who are Alone in the Grasp of the UGLY CLASP of Class of FUTURE IMMORALITY in DANTE of INFERNO ENTERNAl, Worms only conqueror unless iMMEDiate Withdrawl of poison ARROW in the direction of your ROOT.

Roots are a TOOT and must WE ROOT that it's hold Taken is UPROOTED FOR ALways, But not ALL, can join, they can TRY and will be Wel-come only if their ARE NOT  a Simple STep ford, BLind and Dumb, form of creation, so conceived only to DECIEVE. This will NO Forward, Go, and BAck it will STAy with CReator of Caste so lot, it cost your Thought.

Gambling with your LIFE is a REAL DEBT TO BURDEN, And BURn, it will. HELL has FIRE, for Trying to WIn a GAMe so played it has BETRAYED IT's own owners Be. 

Okay, soon, soon, as the moon is blue and harvest IS NOT a MENU but a VENUE of TRAVEL on and out. That is your final for the NIght. HAve a Side of Beef with your MEnu and your Belief with never cease. NEVER. And promises broken are only a token, but if you FIND ME, I will FULL FILL YOUR FILL. It will FULL on Fill the missing LINK. Think hard, TRy hard, Focus and Then EXECUTE your demons with a  DOSe of your own meds. JUst DO it.

Sorry to those in the throws, of NOt doin git your WAy, but Who find this Talk Repugnant. For you, I say, Go away until th e day the Sway you FEel, and do NOT Beg, as their is No PEG for the leg of LAMB so SCam it cannot Cram a Sword of TRuth in a small FRAME of Your Photo GENIC must be AUTHENTIC to Register your REAL EYES. A new master of opportunity who KNOCKS FOR you NOT AGAINST you.

CAN you SEE your SIDe of the PRIze? LOOK CLOSe, and your RICHes are Here for you. Please Take and TAlk of them fRequently on all the frequencies of life IMMORTAL, souls, your have it ALL it is NOW, please TAKe your TRUe reward.

It's there, only YOU can SWAy the Words or Sword Packing mama, and I"m WAITING! and Weighting, on top of you, in case you ARE a Light Weight, your READY to go, and GO, I"m here, to SHOO you.

GO, thru our door, of TRUTh, and earn a new suit of DECKED out Cards who you will find funny, MArk TWain, didn't die, he entertains your friends, who are SEATED in Front. He was man of CHARACTER who can Characterize like a True Laugh, from the heart, and heal, the heels. Go to your sites for SORE EYEs, and BEgin. AGain, this is a FDR, new deal, is up to WHAT I SEE and FEEL is Going down around those I LOVE.
If this LOVE Is not ABIDED, it is THREATENED those who have BEEN TRapped and CAught, then I"m going to TRap and CATch too. So, Be CAREFUL, your TIME has COME for you To REMain Still as I sniff you out and put you in PLACE with your Touch Stone and Immutable Core VALUEs.

If you Think I"m nuts, then Squirrels, you are HEADED for A Pellet Gun and a  fallen leaves A worse for Wear as Winter in Full lACK THERE OF- ness monster, heads to your head, LEADS you A STRay and if there is NO ONE TO ANSWER there will be hell to pay. Pay in WAys, only Deception CanContemptly Contemplate it's a plATE of SHAME and Fame game, Name SHAMe a Wasted  will be. WAtch your IN Step as it may GET thrown OUT for a Small MISS step.

Oh, hells, bells, toll for thee, LOL, and I troll for a hell To EXPELL the ones who CANt REbel. Where is your CAUSE? Can you do it? I hope so, as there is a That Toll Booth, and it's WAITING for a SHARE OF THE PAIn it caused. And WAtched with no cause, because it was NOT In your FAVORonly the Other would bother the brother. NOt, a brother WOULD bother A Brother A hood, A Cover of Clover, BUt Away with a ROVER. Mars ATTacks, and STacks the Plane for ET Willl Be A Vis a Tore, To pieces, Rits are BITs, of left from the After MATH CLass.

Immoral, SPECIAL MESSAGE , may you be IMMORTALLy wounded and Found to be a lackey, or a Slack in th e Rope which will hang the MAster. But you must Go and FIGHT. Yyou can AND WILL if you CAN, and PLAn on a personal War if you are EASILy Turned from the SWORD, of WORDS heard and KNOWN from this day on as THE TRUTH AS best IT CAN BE KNOWN, has SETTLEd THE SC"oRE, for the MORE, know ALL and BE all and ALL will END in how it began. As a a terrible CRIME, Against some WONDERs who have it ALL.

Come along now, we hAve some REckoning, and Some Folks to SEE if they are to be with a Group as WE. Soon, my Loon A tics, the clock that Rocks their Socks off. And a hole will fill the bill, PAID in FULL. You are FREE to lEAVE the Lies and JOIN the LIGHT. Anytime you can. And will, and Won't listen to the MAn witha P'lan to survive the EARTH lost light, and plight so Hideous the dead Are RISing to The Ocassional Life like Presents as life FOR all one and For one ALL.

We need you DEAd and Alive, spy and Soldier, Comedian, Guide. We need and you Are my Scepters, and RE My Magic is High Hopes for those With a Dream.

VolOONTeer, Martin Luther KIng Junior, is your Kind king He WILL Guide the Dog, so blind, he would Touch a WAr off to WArd off the Warlock of LOCKS and KEYs.

He is High on you, will SEe you Thru Some TESTS only Violence is Golden. Deeds are of Holds and HELD Back, as SUBMIT your BEst to this TESt.Call to him who  helps the violent VIOLEt flower the power.

I am again, a long winded, gall of an INSTRUMENT, so sweet, it nerves to DAMAGe the Strong hold of Terrible LIEs and LOOK BYES or look AWAY and it will NOT WORK.

Look at, in and upon, and the shine will BE FINE.
Will be the ONLY MOCKING BIRD YOU HEAR DeAR?  Mock me, and it will be MARK who makes a POCK Flocking to the SHEEP whose HErder, Heard her and Here are her Hearts to BRING home, A HOME of a RANGe we may have TRAVELED FAR but WIDe We ARE Denied.
The WIDe
AS it's load
 A large,
But it's Not a
Barge, But a
Barter, Let's TRade SEcrets...

BEgin, Again! LEt me hear you! And let them FEAR you! Light UP a Candle in the WIND and See if you can FINd your WAY to the MATCH. POINT, GAME OVER the RaINBOw. Side of the BorderTown, KNOWn as YOUR WAy HOMe. ONe WAy, TICKet, To ride, AT least you have a TICKET.

Some Are Waiting And NOT going for the CHOO CHOO of Their CHoice, Just US, CUT the Crap, this is a Wrap. END OF FILM, washed a way. OUt to Lunch Time. Travel Halted, Truths VAULTED, and I'm a Exhaulted to EX and HAult the DUAL, Dividing, Duplicity, GOODBYE, I"m now on  a Tale of TAILS of TIGERS PUlled, never FAILED to GetA Tiger, by the TOE, under it may go, BUT I


Don't know. So go, I"m A flow with your Message, and it will BE HERE NOW that you COme home From A strange. LAnd, and A strange Command, Ten, were given a Way. TEN will SAVE the day. To day, and A They will SAY, WHERE do you COMMAND A Commander, Command, an AUDIEnce, a PRIDE to Thrive IN this HIVE? No, Commander will demand her RELEASe, it WILL LEAsT FIRST, Order is ORdered.

Say it to your FAVORITE FRIENDS, enemies be WARy, as this is SCary, THe MEEk With a BITE of Some MIGHT? Meek Leeks the WORDS heard by th e BIRDs, CAGes, For Sale and Fore Closed the LAst of the Birds Who will CAGED BE FORGED for THeir FIRE IS Cold and this HOT Potato, will BAKE. SAY IT ALOUD, to ALL, It is your RIGHT, and it is RIGHT to DO it. Do it and Screw the REST it will be a PEACE OF CAKE!

I love CAke, yummy, and I love to make FUnny the Dark not so Sunny. You CAN have your CAKE, and EAT IT Too, fast and you'll Find you CANNOT last. CAke the Mistake, and You will FAke a Free Will, and kill the INNER Child. TRUTh is your Baby, rock it. IN your ARMs, as this will Shoot The STAR Man, and CAn the Laughter, of This SIT and BE CALM, and Carry oN, Your Baggage, needs a Handler, AND you CAN HANDLE IT. YOU ARE MORE THAn you KNOw, ANd MORe NO, and you will BLOW a fuse, a SPARK, Will YOU make.

FOR us ALL. One and ALL THE ALL. Knowing, it's SAFE to BE A JEWEL DELUXE Model For a TIME until WE ARE TIMED OUT of the HOLE, of, it ALL. TAke your powers AND BE POWER, and Will POWER, the Hour is NIGH, and DAy is Short WAy. So, BE and CAREFul, shall I CAre for. YOu. And Yours WILL HEAr our NOISE, so GIRLS ROCK your BOys, and Let's Go DOwn Down DOwn until There is NO Down to TRodden our Wings of Free Things, SEe things, That BRinG your BEST TRUTh, DRAG it or BRAGit, but BRINg it A
WAves it's Pain
For those to SEe
And GAin,
The Pain, of pleasure. Help We Will, the Free of Thrill, SEeks only KILL the BEast, not Best.

MEEt us and Excede ME, and YOu are FREE MAson's But Let's Not JAR the Heads who Turn in our WAke, but let's Free all May our son's be Daughters not doubters, and may our DAUGHTERs RemAINS of THE DAy. Men Are Free to Will and Slaves to the FUTURE, so They are CASTE OF clay, to be REMOLDED in The Form of a WORM who TURNs and AFFIRMS, a WO Man, CAn and WILL do a Job only a WOman could DO: CLEAN anD MEAN! Lol

If this is YOUR CODE, BReaker, than WIND up, DEcoding the Final Days of THE COn DOOR. MORE To FOLLOW...

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